Moving Minnesota's Public Debate Forward


A robust transportation infrastructure moves Minnesota forward.

A Perfect Climate for Biking and Walking

It's a welcome sign of spring when Nice Ride Minnesota's sturdy green bicycles appear at docking stations in the Twin Cities. This year's rollout began two weeks ago in less than balmy weather, but Gopher State riders scoff at the cold. If not, why would Nice Ride undertake its first Greater Minnesota expansion in far-north Bemidji? While it's true that climate has an influence on the extent of nonmotorized transportation from place to place, it's probably not the way you assume. Across the nation, cold-weather locales like ours are nearly…

Minnesota Lags in DWI Prevention

Before I sobered up more than 30 years ago, I habitually drove drunk. Luckily, I never caused a crash or faced DWI charges -- even though I wasn't a state legislator with supposed immunity from such embarassments. Not that it mattered much anyway. Back then, Minnesota's drunken driving penalties were laughably lax. Thanks largely to persistent advocacy from Mothers Against Drunk Driving, founded in 1980, much has changed. It's now estimated that drunken driving can cost the nearly 30,000 Minnesotans arrested for it each year as much as $20,000 in…