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Tag: Roads

Tech Takes on Congestion; So Does Transit
By Conrad deFiebre September 11, 2014
VIDEO: Bike Lanes in the Twin Cities
By Katie Lescarbeau September 08, 2014
Transportation Benefits: Agreement, but Weak Action
By Conrad deFiebre July 24, 2014
ATVs on the Road: A Legalized Risk
By Conrad deFiebre May 15, 2014
Getting Away with Homicide
By Conrad deFiebre May 08, 2014
Minnesota Lags in DWI Prevention
By Conrad deFiebre April 17, 2014
Mileage Fees without Big Brother
By Conrad deFiebre February 20, 2014
A Perfect Storm of Transportation Appeals
By Conrad deFiebre February 13, 2014
A Real Fix for the 74 Percent
By Conrad deFiebre January 09, 2014
Video: New Infrastructure Equals More Jobs
By Briana Johnson December 16, 2013
This is How We Roll
By Conrad deFiebre December 12, 2013
Lagging Investment Hobbles our Economy
By Conrad deFiebre November 14, 2013
Reconsidering Photo-Cop
By Conrad deFiebre October 17, 2013
What’s Next for Minneapolis Biking
By Conrad deFiebre August 01, 2013
Tuesday Talk: What are your transportation priorities?
By Joe Sheeran July 30, 2013
Paying for Roads, Rails, and Waterways
By Michael Freedman July 02, 2013
User Pays? Less Than You Think for Roads
By Conrad deFiebre June 13, 2013
Self-Driving Cars and Highway Safety
By Conrad deFiebre June 05, 2013
When Road Investments Pale, Focus on Access
By Conrad deFiebre April 18, 2013
VIDEO: Reducing the Gawker Factor
By Tom Niemisto March 04, 2013
VIDEO: Renovate Capitol, Renovate Minnesota
By Tom Niemisto February 21, 2013
An Odd Way to Promote Safety
By Conrad deFiebre February 14, 2013
Who Dares to Touch the Third Rail?
By Conrad deFiebre December 26, 2012
Are We There Yet? MnDOT Takes Stock
By Conrad deFiebre October 25, 2012
Beat the Traffic, Join a Carpool
By Conrad deFiebre October 11, 2012
VIDEO: Double Impact in Car Conversion
By Tom Niemisto September 20, 2012
Free Parking’s High Cost, Another Example
By Conrad deFiebre August 02, 2012
Tuesday Talk: Headed for infrastructure collapse?
By Joe Sheeran July 31, 2012
Finding a New Way to Pay for Roads
By Will Nissen June 28, 2012
Rough Road Ahead
By Conrad deFiebre May 10, 2012
VIDEO: A Safer Ride to School
By Tom Niemisto March 08, 2012
VIDEO: Putting Pressure on Efficiency
By Tom Niemisto February 06, 2012
Minnesota 2020 Journal: Seizing an Opportunity
By John R. Van Hecke February 03, 2012
Tax Cut on Autopilot
By Conrad deFiebre January 05, 2012
Some Conservatives Get It on Infrastructure
By Conrad deFiebre December 21, 2011
King Car on the Wane
By Conrad deFiebre December 08, 2011
Tuesday Talk: How was the ride?
By Joe Sheeran November 29, 2011
VIDEO: Bridge the Gap
By Tom Niemisto November 21, 2011
Energy’s Transportation Irony
By Conrad deFiebre November 10, 2011
Tuesday Talk: What to do about crumbling roads?
By Joe Sheeran September 13, 2011
VIDEO: Creating Jobs and a Strong Recovery
By Tom Niemisto September 08, 2011
Mileage Fees: Great Promise, Steep Hurdles
By Conrad deFiebre September 01, 2011
Drivers Willing to Pay for Better Roads
By Conrad deFiebre August 18, 2011
Minnesota 2020 Journal: Missing Opportunity’s Signs
By John R. Van Hecke August 05, 2011
Congested Roads Cause Economic Slow Going
By Conrad deFiebre August 04, 2011
Hard Facts About Highways
By Conrad deFiebre July 06, 2011
The Great Bicycle Debate
By Riordan Frost June 28, 2011
Location, location, location
By Conrad deFiebre June 20, 2011
Banking on Infrastructure
By Riordan Frost June 09, 2011
Fix it First
By Conrad deFiebre June 08, 2011
No R or DFL on Street and Bridge Signs
By Riordan Frost May 10, 2011
Rebuilding the ‘Free-ways’ Won’t Be Free
By Conrad deFiebre May 02, 2011
A Little Less Road Salt, Please
By Agata Miszczyk, Guest Commentary April 26, 2011
Slow Going on Controversial Road Funding Policy
By Conrad deFiebre April 25, 2011
VIDEO: A Tough Winter on Roads and Cars
By Tom Niemisto March 03, 2011
VIDEO: Seeing it Like a Plow Truck Driver
By Tom Niemisto February 10, 2011
Snow Emergencies: NOT Cheaper by the Dozen
By Riordan Frost February 02, 2011
Some Conservatives Get Infrastructure Investment
By Conrad deFiebre November 17, 2010
Cutting Commute Times Through Smarter Home Building
By Conrad deFiebre October 27, 2010
Quarter of a Billion Dollars in Construction Savings
By Conrad deFiebre October 06, 2010
Twin Cities Ahead of Curve in Managing Congestion
By Conrad deFiebre Conrad deFiebre August 09, 2010
Finding $2.5 million in a $500,000 budget
By Conrad deFiebre June 21, 2010
Transportation in Minnesota: Staring Down a Bumpy Road
By Conrad deFiebre May 26, 2010
Drive or Walk, You're Paying for Our Roads
By Conrad deFiebre April 28, 2010
Brace Yourself for Bumpy Roads
By Conrad deFiebre April 08, 2010
What Minnesota Can Do to Fight Climate Change
By Philip Freyre, Policy Research Associate January 18, 2010
Why Minnesota's Roads are Literally Falling Apart
By Conrad deFiebre November 23, 2009
Sustainably Saving Money and Keeping Roads Clear
By Conrad deFiebre October 29, 2009
Minnesota Moves Forward and Backward on Road Safety
By Conrad deFiebre September 24, 2009
Bad Roads Kill People
By Conrad deFiebre July 14, 2009
Travel By Car: Minnesota's Big Public Subsidy
By Conrad deFiebre July 08, 2009
Minnesota's Road to Recovery: An Analysis of Transportation Recovery Projects
By Conrad deFiebre June 30, 2009
Federal Recovery Projects in Minnesota
By June 30, 2009
Pothole Season in Minnesota: 2009
By Conrad deFiebre April 15, 2009
Budget Threat Not Slowing the Plows…Yet
By Conrad deFiebre December 17, 2008
Crashing to the Bottom of the Country
By Conrad deFiebre November 26, 2008
Minnesota's Economy Worth its Salt
By Conrad deFiebre November 20, 2008
Road Report: A Survey of Minnesota's County Highway Engineers
By Conrad deFiebre June 26, 2008
The Silver Lining to Black Gold's High Price
By Conrad deFiebre June 08, 2008
And You Thought the Highways Were Bad?
By Conrad deFiebre June 02, 2008
Busy Highway Construction Season Thanks to New Investment
By Conrad deFiebre April 21, 2008
Return of the Potholes
By Conrad deFiebre April 01, 2008
Metro Traffic Congestion at a Record High
By Conrad deFiebre April 01, 2008
Sharing the Benefit, Sharing the Cost
By Conrad deFiebre March 10, 2008
Last Minute Transportation Facts
By Conrad deFiebre February 21, 2008
Minnesota Roads Literally Falling Apart
By Conrad deFiebre February 19, 2008
Traffic Congestion Limited to the Metro? Think Again
By Conrad deFiebre September 27, 2007
Metro Congestion Even Worse
By Conrad deFiebre September 18, 2007
Road, Bridge Investments Falling Ever Shorter
By Conrad deFiebre July 12, 2007