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Map: How Much Funding is Your City Receiving?
By Jeff Van Wychen September 30, 2013
2013 Tax Act Restores Badly Needed Local Funding
By Jeff Van Wychen September 23, 2013
Restoring Property Tax Relief
By Jeff Van Wychen March 13, 2013
In Tough Times, Local Governments Innovate
By John Anderson, Guest Commentary October 03, 2012
“No-new-tax” Property Tax Increase
By Matt Entenza October 25, 2011
VIDEO: How Many Cuts Can Communities Survive?
By Tom Niemisto October 17, 2011
VIDEO: Conservative Attack on Minnesota Schools
By Tom Niemisto May 16, 2011
VIDEO: State Revenue Sharing and Public Safety
By Tom Niemisto May 09, 2011
Property Taxpayers’ Shrinking Fiscal Equity
By Jeff Van Wychen January 11, 2011
School Funding Declines Projected to Continue
By Jeff Van Wychen January 04, 2011
VIDEO: LGA Cuts affect Library in Cannon Falls
By Tom Niemisto January 03, 2011
Shifty Budget Solutions Have Run Their Course
By Jeff Van Wychen December 21, 2010
The Freshman Legislator’s Dilemma: Local Government Aid
By Jeff Van Wychen November 22, 2010
Aid Cuts and Property Tax Increases in Delano: A Case Study
By Jeff Van Wychen September 22, 2010
VIDEO: Locals React to Tax Report
By Joe Sheeran September 07, 2010
Minnesota 2020 Property Tax Report: 2002-2010
By Jeff Van Wychen August 31, 2010
Locals Tighten Belts Far More than State Government
By Jeff Van Wychen August 02, 2010
Minnesota City Spending Falls Further Below U.S. Average
By Jeff Van Wychen June 14, 2010
Local Cuts Put Economic Recovery on Shaky Ground
By Lee Egerstrom April 01, 2010
Governor's Pawlenty's Plan: Higher Property Taxes, Shorting Local Services
By Jeff Van Wychen May 28, 2009
Bleeding Communities Dry: How LGA Cuts are Hurting Rural Minnesota
By Jeff Van Wychen March 15, 2009