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Is the New “Accountability” Actually Professional?
By Michael Diedrich September 22, 2014
Where Children, Data, and Equity Meet
By Michael Diedrich September 16, 2014
Better Learning Through Psychology
By Michael Diedrich September 09, 2014
The Many Sides of Back to School
By Michael Diedrich September 02, 2014
Discussion: Back to School Hopes
By Michael Diedrich September 02, 2014
Ed Tech Conversations Are a Chance for Democracy
By Michael J. Diedrich August 29, 2014
Valuing the Whole Child: Education Beyond Test Scores
By Michael Diedrich with Meredith Pozzi & Luke Plutowski August 27, 2014
Money, People, and the Building of Dreams
By Michael Diedrich August 19, 2014
Time Shift for School Students
By Nick Stumo-Langer August 15, 2014
VIDEO: Rock ‘n Read Project Rolls Out
By Briana Johnson August 14, 2014
Why Head Start Matters
By Michael Diedrich August 12, 2014
Education Shouldn’t Be About Market Share
By Michael Diedrich August 05, 2014
The People Who Make Community Schools Work
By Michael Diedrich July 29, 2014
VIDEO: Lego Learning in the Library
By Briana Johnson July 28, 2014
Disputing Destiny
By Michael Diedrich July 22, 2014
Development By Teachers, For Teachers
By Michael Diedrich July 08, 2014
Schools That Not Only Serve, But Empower
By Michael Diedrich July 01, 2014
Community Input Key to School Success in Minneapolis
By Erin Kelly and Kevin Whelan, Guest Commentary June 30, 2014
Time to Level Up Computer Education
By Michael Diedrich June 24, 2014
Opportunity Gaps Persist After College Graduation
By Michael Diedrich June 10, 2014
Summer Losses, Summer Gains
By Michael Diedrich June 03, 2014
Video: Breaking School-to-prison Pipelines
By Briana Johnson May 22, 2014
Brown v. Board at 60
By Michael Diedrich May 13, 2014
Video: Duluth Community School
By Briana Johnson May 01, 2014
Q&A on Serving Homeless Students
By Joe Sheeran April 29, 2014
More Than Mastery
By Michael Diedrich April 29, 2014
Minneapolis Public School Board Video Forum
By Steve Fletcher April 23, 2014
The Equitable School System
By Michael Diedrich April 15, 2014
Embracing Diversity Can Solve MN’s Educational Disparities
By Héctor García April 09, 2014
The Market Doesn’t Care About Educational Equity
By Michael Diedrich April 08, 2014
Towards a More Culturally Responsive School System
By Michael Diedrich April 01, 2014
On Ed Reform: How Long Will This Take?
By Michael Diedrich March 31, 2014
Four Lessons for Better Ed Reform
By Michael Diedrich March 18, 2014
Privilege, Test Scores, and High Expectations
By Michael Diedrich March 11, 2014
Tuesday Talk: Can Union Bargaining Power Improve Communities?
By Joe Sheeran March 03, 2014
Minnesota School Year Requirements in 2014
By Michael Diedrich February 25, 2014
Sometimes Anti-Unionism Is Just Anti-Unionism
By Michael Diedrich February 18, 2014
Video: Feeding the Picky Eaters
By Briana Johnson February 13, 2014
Why the 2014 Elections Matter for Education: Vouchers, Bargaining, and More
By Michael Diedrich February 11, 2014
Video: Walking In for Schools Children Deserve
By Briana Johnson February 03, 2014
Five Ways City Leaders Can Promote Education Equity
By Michael Diedrich January 28, 2014
Minnesota 2020 Journal: Public Education and the Paradox of Value
By John Van Hecke January 24, 2014
How Do We Keep the Teachers We Need?
By Michael Diedrich January 21, 2014
Why Does the Common Core Make People So Mad?
By Michael Diedrich January 14, 2014
The Year Ahead in Ed
By Michael Diedrich January 07, 2014
Not Reform. Just an Attack with Extra Racism.
By Michael Diedrich December 12, 2013
Local Lessons: Five Case Studies in Community-Driven Education Reform
By Michael Diedrich December 10, 2013
A Student, Two Teachers and the Limits of Test-Based Education
By Michael Diedrich December 03, 2013
Beyond Educational Isolation: Do We Work Together or Fight Each Other?
By Michael Diedrich November 27, 2013
So Much Data, So Little Information
By Michael Diedrich November 19, 2013
Behind the Headlines of Teacher Quality Research
By Michael Diedrich November 12, 2013
Video: The Levy Ballots Are In
By Briana Johnson November 11, 2013
Your Ed Reform To-Do List
By Michael Diedrich November 05, 2013
Poverty, Complexity, Responsibility, and the Soul of Education Reform
By Michael Diedrich October 29, 2013
Grading on a Twisted Curve
By Michael Diedrich October 22, 2013
Authority vs. Capacity in Education
By Michael Diedrich October 15, 2013
Who Questions the Test Questioners?
By Michael Diedrich October 10, 2013
Five more years of inequity?
By Steve D. Fletcher October 08, 2013
Reform Case Study: Gender Inequities at Harvard
By Michael J. Diedrich October 01, 2013
America’s Most Equitable Scores Come From…
By Michael Diedrich September 24, 2013
Minnesota 2020 Journal: Fear, Loathing, Distraction in Minneapolis
By John R. Van Hecke September 20, 2013
The Rhetoric of Reform
By Michael Diedrich September 18, 2013
Outgrowing Q-Comp
By John R. Van Hecke September 12, 2013
New Ed Money Replaces Only a Portion of Cuts
By Michael Diedrich September 11, 2013
Why the Accountability Scandals Matter
By Michael Diedrich September 10, 2013
Video: Bridging the Education Equity Gap
By Briana Johnson September 03, 2013
Minneapolis Teacher Placements: Facts vs. Spin
By Michael Diedrich August 24, 2013
How Racial Justice Gets Distorted in Ed “Reform”
By Steve D. Fletcher August 20, 2013
Alternatives to Teach for America
By Steve D. Fletcher July 30, 2013
Minnesota 2020 Journal: Poverty Plaguing Schools
By John R. Van Hecke July 19, 2013
Minnesota 2020 Journal: Wisconsin Drifts
By John R. Van Hecke June 21, 2013
Schools Need to Build Relationships for Student Success
By Steve D. Fletcher June 06, 2013
Listening to Parents
By Kokayi Nosakhere, Guest Commentary June 05, 2013
Tuesday Talk: Q and A on the Education Bill
By Joe Sheeran June 04, 2013
A Note on School Discipline
By Ian Keith, Guest Commentary June 04, 2013
Minnesota 2020 Journal: When the Music Stops
By John R. Van Hecke May 31, 2013
National Perspective on MN Test Score Gap
By Caroline Hooper, Guest Commentary May 13, 2013
VIDEO: Local Curds on the Lunch Tray
By Ellen Roos Tom Niemisto April 29, 2013
Minnesota 2020 Journal: K-12’s Funding Renaissance
By John R. Van Hecke April 26, 2013
Activated Voices: Communicating Science
By Tom Niemisto March 28, 2013
Education Reform Industry Targets Twin Cities
By Valerie Rittler, Guest Commentary March 26, 2013
Minnesota 2020 Journal: Too Much School
By John R. Van Hecke March 15, 2013
VIDEO: Bored in Class? Bike!
By Tom Niemisto January 28, 2013
VIDEO: Early Start for Future Success
By Tom Niemisto January 21, 2013
VIDEO: Why All-day K Pays
By Tom Niemisto January 17, 2013
Still Separate, Still Unequal
By Bryan Martin January 16, 2013
Demographic Changes’ Impact on Early Childhood Education
By Jill Thompson January 02, 2013
VIDEO: Expand the Classroom
By Tom Niemisto December 06, 2012
VIDEO: Customized Learning with Tablets
By Tom Niemisto December 03, 2012
VIDEO: Moving Young People Forward
By Tom Niemisto November 19, 2012
How Well Do We Teach Teachers?
By Joe Sheeran October 22, 2012
Minnesota 2020 Journal: Education Retreat
By John R. Van Hecke October 19, 2012
Some Tuning Needed for MN Arts Education
By Joe Sheeran October 17, 2012
Good Intentions Won’t Replace Revenue
By Joe Sheeran October 09, 2012
Tuesday Talk: What education funding goals will move Minnesota forward?
By Joe Sheeran October 09, 2012
About Those “Yes” Signs
By Mary Doran, Guest Commentary September 26, 2012
VIDEO: Lunch Trays’ New Look
By Tom Niemisto September 24, 2012
Earth Without Art: Insights on Chicago
By Mary Cathryn Ricker, Guest Commentary September 12, 2012
A New Educator Narrative
By Mary Cathryn Ricker, Guest Commentary August 28, 2012
VIDEO: Teaching Science by the Book
By Tom Niemisto August 09, 2012