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Comparing the 2001 and 2013 Tax Acts: Which was Better?
By Jeff Van Wychen September 05, 2014
Housing: The Price is Wrong
By Katie Lescarbeau June 23, 2014
MN Housing Needs Take State and Federal Support
By Lee Egerstrom May 07, 2014
Redlining Study Highlights Wealth Gap
By Sylvia O’Brien April 30, 2014
Video: Affordable Housing Duluth
By Briana Johnson April 28, 2014
Uneven Recovery: A Look Back at Minnesota’s Housing Crisis
By Lee Egerstrom and Leigh Rosenberg, Minnesota Housing Partnership April 23, 2014
Video: Big Banks Redlining our Community
By Briana Johnson April 14, 2014
Video: Everyone needs a place to call home
By Briana Johnson March 24, 2014
Uneven Recovery: Needs Mount, Housing Programs Underfunded
By Lee Egerstrom Leigh Rosenberg, Minnesota Housing Partnership March 13, 2014
Video: Five Years After the Housing Crisis
By Briana Johnson March 10, 2014
Uneven Recovery: Modest Gains, Many Still Struggling
By Lee Egerstrom and Leigh Rosenberg, Minnesota Housing Partnership March 06, 2014
Uneven Recovery: Grand Rapids on the Mend
By Lee Egerstrom and Leigh Rosenberg, Minnesota Housing Partnership February 27, 2014
Video: Mining for Housing in an Uneven Recovery
By Briana Johnson February 24, 2014
Uneven Recovery: Northwoods’ Promise and Pain
By Lee Egerstrom and Leigh Rosenberg, Minnesota Housing Partnership February 20, 2014
Uneven Recovery: Picket Fence Sill Faded in Exurbia
By Lee Egerstrom and Leigh Rosenberg, Minnesota Housing Partnership February 12, 2014
Report Blames Structural Racism for MN Health Disparities
By Nicole Simms February 12, 2014
Video: Eastside Recovery’s Ups and Downs
By Briana Johnson February 10, 2014
Uneven Recovery: East Metro’s Vulnerable Neighborhoods
By Lee Egerstrom and Leigh Rosenberg, Minnesota Housing Partnership February 05, 2014
Minnesota 2020 Journal: After the Housing Hangover
By John Van Hecke January 31, 2014
Uneven Recovery: West Metro Problems Not Just Bubble Related
By Lee Egerstrom and Leigh Rosenberg, Minnesota Housing Partnership January 29, 2014
Video: Rebuilding North Minneapolis
By Briana Johnson January 29, 2014
Tuesday Talk: Q & A on MN’s Uneven Housing Recovery
By Joe Sheeran January 21, 2014
Uneven Recovery: Five Years After the Housing Collapse
By Lee Egerstrom and Leigh Rosenberg, Minnesota Housing Partnership January 20, 2014
No Farm Bill, Sequestration Hit Rural Minnesota Housing
By Lee Egerstrom August 21, 2013
THUD Bill, a Dud in Congress
By Michael Freedman August 06, 2013
Best Chance to Fund the National Housing Trust Fund
By Michael Freedman July 18, 2013
Rising Home Prices Mostly Good
By Alex Christensen April 16, 2013
VIDEO: Housing Plan for the Future
By Tom Niemisto April 15, 2013
Residential Downtowns Missing Some Residents
By Agata Miszczyk February 21, 2013
Reducing Regressivity Through Renters’ Refund
By Jeff Van Wychen February 20, 2013
Falling Incomes, Rising Rents Squeeze Working Poor
By Leigh Rosenberg, Guest Commentary January 29, 2013
Student-led Initiative Beating Back the Bank Attack
By Sarah Knispel, Guest Commentary December 17, 2012
Philosophy Behind Glass-Steagall Repeal Needs Reform
By Héctor García August 29, 2012
Map of the Week: Submarkets Shape Foreclosure Crisis
By Zack Avre July 24, 2012
2012’s Little-known Legislative Gains
By Leigh Rosenberg, Guest Commentary June 19, 2012
Renters Need an 86-Hour Work Week
By Lee Egerstrom May 02, 2012
Sensible Incentives: Enabling Energy Efficiency in Rental Housing
By Will Nissen April 19, 2012
Lessons of the Bubble
By Ben Schweigert, Guest Commentary March 15, 2012
Why Housing is a Bonding Bill Priority
By February 16, 2012
Bonding Homes, Bonding Communities
By Lee Egerstrom January 24, 2012
Investment Stabilizes Minnesota’s Countryside
By Lee Egerstrom January 10, 2012
Occupation U.S.A.
By Michael J. Diedrich October 19, 2011
Suburban Sprawl: A Ponzi Scheme?
By Conrad deFiebre October 13, 2011
VIDEO: Home Foreclosures Impact School Enrollment
By Tom Niemisto October 13, 2011
Kitchen Table Conversations: Buying Time in the Housing Market
By Tom Niemisto October 05, 2011
Ground up Economic Fix
By Lee Egerstrom September 13, 2011
Tax Migration Myth Exposed
By John R. Van Hecke August 29, 2011
Federal Default Dwarfs State Budget Fiasco
By Lee Egerstrom July 13, 2011
Minnesota 2020 Journal: Tanking Home Values Should Focus the Mind
By John R. Van Hecke May 13, 2011
Underwater and Sinking
By Lee Egerstrom May 11, 2011
Conservatives’ Budget Would Put the Brakes on Economic Recovery
By Lee Egerstrom April 28, 2011
What to Do With a Broken Suburb?
By Riordan Frost April 27, 2011
From Location, Location, Location to Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
By Lee Egerstrom April 05, 2011
Minnesota 2020 Journal: Chewing on the Numbers
By John R. Van Hecke March 18, 2011
The Difference Between Stimulating and Piling On
By Lee Egerstrom January 20, 2011
VIDEO: Tax Regressivity, Moving Minnesota Backward
By Tom Niemisto January 18, 2011
Census Figures Show Senior Housing Problems, Not Answers
By Lee Egerstrom December 22, 2010
Solution to 1980s Farm Crisis Could Point to Housing Fix
By Lee Egerstrom August 25, 2010
Housing Prices Up but Foreclosure Rates Paint a Different Picture
By Senta Knuth August 17, 2010
A Federal Home Values Guarantee Program in the Works
By Lee Egerstrom February 10, 2010
The Housing Crisis Lingers: Minnesota Can Help Fix It
By Lee Egerstrom Lee Egerstrom February 01, 2010
Minnesotan Homeownership Declines
By Jeff Van Wychen January 05, 2010
Front Porch Forecast: Housing Market Set to Tumble Without Intervention
By Lee Egerstrom October 23, 2009
Bank Weaknesses Show Slow Recovery; Minnesota Needs a Housing Plan
By Lee Egerstrom September 30, 2009
Minnesota Land Prices Fall; a Hint of a Bursting Bubble
By Lee Egerstrom August 12, 2009
A Minnesota Housing Market That Doesn't Collapse
By Lee Egerstrom July 29, 2009
Housing Crisis Grows Along with Need for a New Approach
By Lee Egerstrom July 22, 2009
Home Equity Protection Plan Tried, Worked in Syracuse
By Lee Egerstrom May 07, 2009
Governor Proposes Tax Increase for Renters
By Jeff Van Wychen March 10, 2009
Declining Values and Rising Property Taxes
By Jeff Van Wychen December 29, 2008