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Tag: Fuel Tax

Forgetting About Cutting Consumption?
By Conrad deFiebre September 12, 2012
Finding a New Way to Pay for Roads
By Will Nissen June 28, 2012
Rethinking the Farm Bill: Subsidies and Family Farms
By Wouter Hammink, Macalester College April 23, 2012
Tax Cut on Autopilot
By Conrad deFiebre January 05, 2012
Holding Pattern: Problems and Progress in Rural Aviation
By Conrad deFiebre November 03, 2011
Mileage Fees: Great Promise, Steep Hurdles
By Conrad deFiebre September 01, 2011
Drivers Willing to Pay for Better Roads
By Conrad deFiebre August 18, 2011
Another Shutdown on the Horizon
By Conrad deFiebre August 11, 2011
VIDEO: Fair Transportation Funding Theory
By Riordan Frost Tom Niemisto July 21, 2011
Rebuilding the ‘Free-ways’ Won’t Be Free
By Conrad deFiebre May 02, 2011
Slow Going on Controversial Road Funding Policy
By Conrad deFiebre April 25, 2011
Getting Creative with Road Funding
By Conrad deFiebre January 03, 2011
Some Conservatives Get Infrastructure Investment
By Conrad deFiebre November 17, 2010
VIDEO: Business Model Grown in the Fields
By Tom Niemisto October 21, 2010
Shifting Transportation Funding Out of Neutral
By Conrad deFiebre August 05, 2010
Let's Not Erode Minnesota's User Pays Transportation Model
By Conrad deFiebre July 21, 2010
Road Report: A Survey of Minnesota's County Highway Engineers
By Conrad deFiebre June 26, 2008
Facts Prevail as Minnesota Moves Forward on Transportation
By Conrad deFiebre February 26, 2008
Moving Forward: The Benefit of Transportation Investment to Minnesota's Economy
By Conrad deFiebre January 02, 2008
There's More to Earmarks than a Bridge to Nowhere
By Conrad deFiebre & Tommy Kim, Minnesota 2020 Undergraduate Research Fellow November 08, 2007
A Transportation System Beyond the Worst-Case Scenario
By Conrad deFiebre October 09, 2007
As We Respond to Disasters, Let's Get our Facts Straight
By Conrad deFiebre August 21, 2007
The Pawlenty U-Turn
By Conrad deFiebre August 07, 2007