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Tag: Children’s Health

Video: Feeding the Picky Eaters
By Briana Johnson February 13, 2014
VIDEO: Local Curds on the Lunch Tray
By Ellen Roos Tom Niemisto April 29, 2013
Don’t Forget School Counselors in Mental Health Debate
By Dawn Brown, Guest Commentary January 08, 2013
VIDEO: Lunch Trays’ New Look
By Tom Niemisto September 24, 2012
Reducing Health Inequality
By Sasha Hulsey September 18, 2012
Short-Sighted Budgeting on the Backs of Minnesotans
By Aaron Sinner September 11, 2012
The Gap in Oral Health Care
By Sasha Hulsey July 31, 2012
Preventing Modern Slavery
By Sasha Hulsey May 30, 2012
VIDEO: A Safer Ride to School
By Tom Niemisto March 08, 2012
MFIP Reform Done Right
By March 05, 2012
Tuesday Talk: How to address the obesity epidemic?
By Meg Reid February 28, 2012
Follow Minnesota’s Lead, Regulate BPA
By Renee Jordan, Macalester College November 28, 2011
Treat Obesity as a Collective Responsibility
By November 16, 2011
VIDEO: Local Food for Local Schools
By Tom Niemisto September 26, 2011
A Six-cent Down Payment on Health
By Valerie Ong February 01, 2011
VIDEO: Farm to School in Wayzata
By Tom Niemisto January 27, 2011
Say Cheese: Recent Dental Initiative Creating Healthier Smiles
By Nina Slupphaug, Health Care Policy Associate June 23, 2010
Health Without Shame: Improving Childhood Food Security
By Hannah Rivenburgh, Student, Macalester College April 30, 2010
H1N1 and Schools: Steady as She Goes
By John Fitzgerald, Education Policy Fellow October 30, 2009
Flu Absences & School Nurse Need Increase in Greater Minnesota
By John Fitzgerald, Education Policy Fellow October 22, 2009
Counselors Needed to Meet Student Needs
By Lisa Karch, Guest Commentary October 02, 2009
H1N1 Fears Show Soft Belly of School Health Underinvestment
By John Fitzgerald, Education Policy Fellow September 17, 2009
VIDEO: Minnesota's School Counselors Speak
By Minnesota 2020 September 01, 2009
Where is the School Nurse? - A Survey of Minnesota School Nurses
By John Fitzgerald, Education Policy Fellow September 22, 2008
Food for Thought: Hunger is Bad for Business, Bad for Everyone
By Lee Egerstrom July 30, 2008
Minnesota School Nurses and Pandemics: The First Line of Defense
By John Fitzgerald, Education Policy Fellow May 05, 2008
Poll Shows Parent Support For Sex Ed
By John Fitzgerald, Education Policy Fellow March 26, 2008
Let’s Get Real on Sex Ed.
By John Fitzgerald, Education Policy Fellow December 10, 2007