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Made in Minnesota 2013: Fair Retail Wages Strengthen Local Economies
By Lee Egerstrom November 24, 2013
Video: A Gift that Lasts for Generations
By Briana Johnson November 20, 2013
Tuesday Talk: Why Buy Local?
By Joe Sheeran November 19, 2013
Video: What’s for Lunch?
By Briana Johnson September 23, 2013
VIDEO: Community Grown for Target Field
By Ellen Roos June 10, 2013
Hearty and Hardy Thanks for Minnesota Research
By Lee Egerstrom December 27, 2012
VIDEO: African Ingredients for American Tastes
By Tom Niemisto December 27, 2012
Made in Minnesota 2012: Building Cross-cultural Commerce
By Lee Egerstrom December 18, 2012
Minnesota’s Influence on the Coffee Trade
By Lee Egerstrom December 12, 2012
VIDEO: Community Supported Arts
By Tom Niemisto June 21, 2012
Rebuilding Communities Through Pork, Parsley and Pottery
By Lee Egerstrom June 13, 2012
Urban Farming: Or, Old MacRybak had a Farm
By Sasha Hulsey April 26, 2012
The Market of Food and Farmers You Know
By Doug Peterson, Guest Commentary April 18, 2012
VIDEO: Farming in the City
By Tom Niemisto April 12, 2012
Building on Trust
By Lee Egerstrom March 28, 2012
VIDEO: Supporting Local Artists
By Tom Niemisto December 22, 2011
Main Street Needs Holiday Rebound
By Lee Egerstrom December 22, 2011
Farmer-to-Chef Marketing an Important Food Chain Link
By Lee Egerstrom December 13, 2011
VIDEO: Supporting Women Entrepreneurs
By Tom Niemisto December 12, 2011
VIDEO: Shopping Local Keeps Communities Strong
By Tom Niemisto November 17, 2011
Made in Minnesota 2011: Fertile Ground for Minority Opportunity
By Lee Egerstrom November 15, 2011
VIDEO: Buying Local at the Fair
By Tom Niemisto September 01, 2011
VIDEO: Fresh and Local on the Menu
By Tom Niemisto July 13, 2011
VIDEO: Saving the world one pizza slice at a time
By Tom Niemisto April 04, 2011
VIDEO: Our Neighborhood Business
By Tom Niemisto March 28, 2011
Kitchen Table Conversations: The Small Business Owner’s Perspective
By Joe Sheeran & Tom Niemisto, Communications Staff March 23, 2011
The Little City that Would
By Mari Harries, Minnesota 2020 Contributor March 17, 2011
Economic Growth Through Food Safety Regulations
By Mina Bakhtiar December 28, 2010
Minnesota’s Locavore Age
By Jeremy Dennison December 27, 2010
Smart Women Company: Redefining the Role of Small Business
By Natalie Camplair December 08, 2010
VIDEO: Consumer’s Role in Sustainability
By Tom Niemisto December 02, 2010
Made in Minnesota 2010: Strategies for Growing Sustainable Small Businesses
By Lee Egerstrom November 30, 2010
VIDEO: Made in Minnesota 2010
By Tom Niemisto November 30, 2010
VIDEO: A Sustainable, Local Shopping Season
By Tom Niemisto November 25, 2010
VIDEO: New Twist on Coops Bends Around River City
By Lee Egerstrom Joe Sheeran August 17, 2010
Entrepreneurial Opportunities Growing in the Backyard
By Natalie Camplair August 10, 2010
Riverbend Market Cooperative: a Model for Main Streets
By Lee Egerstrom Lee Egerstrom August 04, 2010
Irrigating Minnesota's Food Deserts
By Senta Knuth, Undergraduate Research Fellow August 03, 2010
VIDEO: A Morning at the Market
By Senta Knuth, Undergraduate Research Fellow August 03, 2010
Twins Bring Local Flavor to Target Field
By Jeremy Dennison March 24, 2010
Global Markets for Minnesota Syrup Makers a Sticky Situation
By Lee Egerstrom February 15, 2010
When it Helps to Have a Pretty Mug
By Lee Egerstrom January 25, 2010
New Ventures Find a Home In and Close to Home
By Lee Egerstrom December 18, 2009
Local Entrepreneurs Grab Reins on 'Buying Local'
By Lee Egerstrom December 04, 2009
Made in MN 2009: Homegrown Holidays
By Lee Egerstrom & Katie Mertz, Undergraduate Research Fellow November 20, 2009
Support Local Economy if You Can
By Joe Sheeran January 09, 2009
Made in MN 2008: Boosting Minnesota's Economy in Tough Economic Times
By Lee Egerstrom November 25, 2008
Made in MN: The Value of Buying Local this Holiday Season
By Lee Egerstrom November 20, 2007
The Evolving Finnish Economic Model: How Cooperatives Serve as "Globalization Insurance"
By Lee Egerstrom & Samuli Skurnik May 29, 2007