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MN2020 - Recent Articles
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Recent Articles

VIDEO: Hotel Workers Deserve Better
By Briana Johnson July 17, 2014

Major sporting events such as the All-Star Game pump millions of dollars into our local economy as well as attract thousands of visitors who…

Complexity Dogs Mileage Fee Concept
By Conrad deFiebre July 17, 2014

It seemed like such a simple, smart idea at first. With fuel taxes paralyzed over decades of inflation, cars going farther on each gallon…

Applied Science Builds Minnesota from the Ground Up
By Lee Egerstrom July 16, 2014

When a farmer named Thomas Jefferson was helping design buildings, grounds and curricula for the University of Virginia, he argued emphatically that there should…

Invisible Women Workers, Right in Front of Our Eyes
By John Van Hecke July 15, 2014

Women dominate low-wage hospitality industry jobs and minimum wage and tip credit debates overwhelmingly impact women workers. They work invisibly, yet in plain sight.…

The Present and Future of Early Childhood Reform
By Michael Diedrich July 15, 2014

That early learning is critical is one of the few points of agreement in today’s education reform debate. Unfortunately, actually improving early childhood education…

Growing Profits at Workers’ Expense
By Lucas Franco July 14, 2014

Download full report (pdf) View online at Scribd Tourism in Minnesota is a $12.5 billion dollar industry, and according to officials, the economic impact…

VIDEO: Lee Egerstrom Receives ACE Award
By Briana Johnson July 14, 2014

Lee Egerstrom, Economic Development Fellow at Minnesota 2020, is being recognized by the Association of Cooperative Educators for his remarkable contribution to cooperative education…

Price of Government Projected to Hit All-Time Low
By Jeff Van Wychen July 14, 2014

Despite all of the crying from the right about tax increases, Minnesota’s “Price of Government” is projected to reach the lowest level in its…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: Rural Minnesota’s Future Challenge, Potential
By John Van Hecke July 11, 2014

Minnesota will look different 30 years from now. We’ll be older and more racially and ethnically diverse but its where people live and work…

Video: Home Care Workers Fight for a Union
By Briana Johnson July 10, 2014

Purple T-shirts filled the parking lot as caregivers, care recipients and supporters gathered to support home care workers as they filed thousands of signed…

The Question for Jobs and Markets: “For Whom?”
By Lee Egerstrom July 10, 2014

Minnesota and the Twin Cities metro area have been dished a steady diet of good, healthy news about job numbers and unemployment this spring.…

Home care workers stand up, fight back
By Steve Fletcher July 09, 2014

The wrong-headed Supreme Court decision in Harris v. Quinn deserved a response. Tuesday, Minnesota home care workers delivered it, presenting  union election filing cards…

Peace in the Valley and Transit Equity for All
By Conrad deFiebre July 09, 2014

When compromises are reached at the State Capitol, legislators typically pronounce "Peace in the Valley." That great old gospel tune popularized by Elvis Presley…

Development By Teachers, For Teachers
By Michael Diedrich July 08, 2014

Two of the most groan-inducing, but potentially powerful, words in teaching are “professional development.” It’s easy for professional development to be a waste of…

Video: Adjuncts Vote to Unionize
By Briana Johnson July 07, 2014

On the heels of a successful campaign to form an adjunct faculty union at Hamline University, adjuncts at St. Thomas will vote this week…

Progressive Leadership Reduces Taxes for Most Minnesotans
By Jeff Van Wychen July 07, 2014

For over a year now, Minnesota conservatives have been complaining about the tax increases enacted under progressive control of state government. However, an analysis…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: Don’t Make the Same Mistake Twice
By John Van Hecke July 04, 2014

Big Ole took a hit. And, if we reverse public policy direction, returning to what didn’t work for 10 years, Minnesota will take a…

Energy via Rail: A Multifaceted Dilemma
By Conrad deFiebre July 03, 2014

In Benson, the western Minnesota city that has ticketed BNSF Railway for its trains blocking street access for emergency services, local merchants wrote a…

Video: Tobacco Free Campuses
By Briana Johnson July 03, 2014

July 1st marked the day The University Of Minnesota announced they have officially become a tobacco-free campus. Students, faculty and staff joined together outside…

Determining Rural Minnesota’s Capacity for Growth
By Lee Egerstrom July 02, 2014

When the residents of Tenney, near Breckenridge, voted to dissolve as a Minnesota city three years ago, the measure passed by an overwhelming two-to-one…

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