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MN2020 - Recent Articles
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Recent Articles

Discussion: Minnesota Immigration Reform
By Deb Balzer August 05, 2014

Minnesota has a long history of helping those in need; from the “mercy wheat” mission of 1946 where we sent wheat from Climax, MN…

VIDEO: How Minnesota Raised the Minimum Wage
By Briana Johnson August 04, 2014

We've seen great progress this year. Governor Mark Dayton signed the state minimum wage increase into law which will now be reflected in the…

Tax Rates Fall For Most Minnesotans Thanks to Progressive Tax Acts
By Jeff Van Wychen August 04, 2014

Taxes will decline for most Minnesotans—particularly middle-income families—as a result of progressive tax legislation enacted during the 2013 and 2014 sessions. A July 7…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: Why We Fight
By John Van Hecke August 01, 2014

Today, Friday, August 1, Minnesota’s state minimum wage rises for the first time in 9 years, increasing from $5.15/hour for small employers and $6.15/hour…

Bipartisan Transit Bashing
By Conrad deFiebre July 31, 2014

Once upon a time, a leading right-wing criticism of public transit cast it as an unwarranted subsidy to the undeserving poor. To Margaret Thatcher,…

A Windy Future for Minnesota?
By Maria Brun July 31, 2014

In 1999, Minnesota already had 273 Megawatts of installed capacity, second only to California. By the end of last March, that number surged to…

A Cold Shoulder or Welcoming Arms for Children in Danger
By Lee Egerstrom July 30, 2014

Minnesota political leaders and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) are pondering what the state’s response should be to the children of Central America gathering at the…

Discussion: Co-ops Not Just for Farmers Anymore
By John Van Hecke July 29, 2014

Co-ops are a jointly owned and managed business structure based on member cooperation rather than direct competition. Members share the organization’s profits and benefits.…

The People Who Make Community Schools Work
By Michael Diedrich July 29, 2014

Five years ago, I was getting ready to teach at Brooklyn Center High School. Both during my time there and in the years afterward,…

New Data Show Big Drop in City Revenue, Spending
By Jeff Van Wychen July 28, 2014

As governor from 2003 to 2011, Tim Pawlenty chided local governments for failing to "live within their means." A recent report reveals that T-Paw's…

VIDEO: Lego Learning in the Library
By Briana Johnson July 28, 2014

Minnesota 2020 traveled to the Zumbrota Public library for their Lego Creation Contest which allows children to explore their imagination and build their own…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: Another Misleading Conservative “Crisis”
By John Van Hecke July 25, 2014

Minnesota’s pension problem is not the problem that conservative policy advocates assert. Rather, our problem is that Minnesota would be better off if more…

VIDEO: Vision of a Minnesota World’s Fair
By Briana Johnson July 24, 2014

Could Minnesota host the first World's Fair in the United States in a generation? Secretary of State Mark Ritchie leads a committee to bring…

Transportation Benefits: Agreement, but Weak Action
By Conrad deFiebre July 24, 2014

In my first major project as a Minnesota 2020 fellow, I highlighted the economic benefits for Minnesota of investing in transportation. This was a…

Improved Jobs Numbers Tell Only Part of the Story
By Lee Egerstrom July 23, 2014

The lifeguards at the swimming pool and the Parks and Rec summer employees, home from college, who are teaching four-year-olds to play t-ball are…

Discussion: First a Super Bowl, Then a World’s Fair!
By John Van Hecke July 22, 2014

From the MLB All-Star game to a youth soccer tournament to a dog show, public events, performances and gatherings are both entertainment and economic…

Disputing Destiny
By Michael Diedrich July 22, 2014

One of the most frequent and laudable refrains in education reform is, “Poverty is not destiny. ” The sentiment is clear and incontestable: Being…

VIDEO: Attack of The Zebra Mussels
By Briana Johnson July 21, 2014

Zebra mussels are invading Minnesota's waterways and are currently found in at least 20 counties. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) calls these…

2014 Homeowner Property Tax Reduction is Wide & Deep
By Jeff Van Wychen July 21, 2014

The fact that Minnesota property taxes will decline in 2014 for the first time in twelve years is well established. However, a new simulation…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: Aging in Place is Reasonable, Necessary
By John Van Hecke July 18, 2014

A new national survey finds that the most independently minded, unapologetically insistent American generation expects to live in their homes as they age. Baby…

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