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No Child Left Behind - How It Looks From the Back
By David Jennings, Special to Minnesota 2020 July 19, 2007

David Jennins is Superintendent at Chaska School, District 112 Fifty different states declare standards in reading, math, and science which may vary slightly, but…

Help Wanted: Finding Qualified Teachers in Rural Minnesota
By John Fitzgerald, Education Policy Fellow July 19, 2007

Who teaches science if science teachers can't be found? Minnesota's Senior High, Junior High and Middle schools are facing a curriculum quality crisis because,…

Plug-In Hybrids: Building Our Way Out of a Problem
By Ben Pierson, Chuck Green Civic Engagement Fellow July 18, 2007

  Despite conservative resistance, Minnesota is emerging as a national leader in the development of bio-fuels, wind energy and renewable energy standards. Now there's…

Charting a New Consensus on Education
By Steve Kelley, Special to Minnesota 2020 July 17, 2007

Steve Kelley is the Director of the Center for Science, Technology and Public Policy housed at the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, University of…

Road, Bridge Investments Falling Ever Shorter
By Conrad deFiebre July 12, 2007

If you've ever wondered why you're stuck in traffic so often on Twin Cities freeways, look no farther than the Minnesota Department of Transportation's…

State Slow on Mass Transit
By Conrad deFiebre July 11, 2007

  Minnesotans are voting with their feet and their dollars for mass transit, pushing commuter bus and train travel across the entire state to…

Wired for Success?
By John Fitzgerald, Education Policy Fellow July 10, 2007

The Stillwater School District's controversial laptop computer technology curriculum decision highlights a Minnesota education public policy choice: are school districts punished or rewarded for…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: Picking Rock
By John R. Van Hecke July 06, 2007

Rock picking, the process by which rocks are removed from farm fields, is a necessary evil. Here's how it works. Moving systematically though a…

Tuition Agreement Opens More Opportunities
By John Fitzgerald, Education Policy Fellow July 05, 2007

Minnesota needs more affordable higher educational options, not fewer. With the renewed Minnesota-Wisconsin tuition reciprocity deal, our state has retained a valuable learning opportunity…

Rural Traffic Deaths: An Untold Tragedy
By John Fitzgerald July 01, 2007

  What you may know: More people die on Minnesota roads during holidays than during the rest of the year. What you may not…

Parents Lobby for Schools
By John Fitzgerald, Education Policy Fellow June 28, 2007

Minnesota school parents aren't taking state educational funding cuts and shortfalls lying down. They're standing up. The push to change how Minnesota pays for…

Chasing Smokestacks, Stranding Small Business: Rural Minnesota's Crisis
By Lee Egerstrom June 27, 2007

Download full report  (pdf) View online at Scribd Executive Summary The state is failing rural Minnesota. Today, the State of Minnesota's economic development policy…

The Evolving Finnish Economic Model: How Cooperatives Serve as "Globalization Insurance"
By Lee Egerstrom & Samuli Skurnik May 29, 2007

The Evolving Finnish Economic Model

Your Take: More Progressive Transportation Advice
By Reader Feedback May 01, 2007

  On Monday, we asked for your advice for MnDOT's new commissioner. You responded in droves.  Today we bring more of your ideas. It…

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