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MN2020 - Recent Articles
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Recent Articles

"No New Investment" = Substandard schools
By John Fitzgerald, Education Policy Fellow October 12, 2007

Nobody likes paying taxes, but if we want to live in a civil society we have to pool our money to invest in needs.…

A Transportation System Beyond the Worst-Case Scenario
By Conrad deFiebre October 09, 2007

  In June 2005, the official state economist, Thomas Stinson, and a University of Minnesota colleague published a deeply researched scholarly report that sought…

Opportunities for All Students
By John Fitzgerald, Education Policy Fellow October 05, 2007

A technical debate about autism may lead to savings and better special education of the learning disabled in rural Minnesota schools. Officials are debating…

Swiftboating the Robbinsdale Schools
By John Fitzgerald, Education Policy Fellow October 02, 2007

In every levy election, there are "vote yes" campaigns and "vote no" campaigns. Unfortunately, an odious "vote no" organizer has resurfaced to run another…

No Money, No Leadership: Another MnDOT Cash Flow Crisis
By Conrad deFiebre October 02, 2007

  $393 million: That's the new price tag for replacing the fallen Interstate 35W bridge offered to skeptical legislators Monday by an increasingly beleaguered…

No Child Left Behind Fails Minority Students
By John Fitzgerald, Education Policy Fellow September 28, 2007

No Child Left Behind? Apparently no one told Minnesota's African-American students. As has happened many times before, test results show an unacceptable achievement gap…

Traffic Congestion Limited to the Metro? Think Again
By Conrad deFiebre September 27, 2007

  Traffic congestion isn't just an urban problem anymore. As Minnesota farmers harvest their fields, trucks hauling crops to market plus slow-moving tractors and…

Cyber Bullying Gets a Cyber Take-Down
By John Fitzgerald, Education Policy Fellow September 26, 2007

Bullying used to consist of a shove on the playground or a rumor whispered after school. In the 21st century, bullying is a text…

English Language Learners find success in Saint Paul Public Schools
By Betsy Mowry, TC Daily Planet September 25, 2007

The Saint Paul Public Schools district (SPPS) has the largest enrollment of English Language Learners (ELL) in the state of Minnesota, with 40% of…

Minnesota Ghost Towns Haunt 500 Endangered Small Cities
By Lee Egerstrom September 24, 2007

A cornfield now covers most of what was Hereford, in Grant County, Minn. The village of Pomme de Terre is gone from the banks…

Broken Bridges, Broken System
By Conrad deFiebre September 20, 2007

  While federal investigators probe the physical reasons for the deadly Interstate 35W bridge collapse - was it de-icing fluid, the extra weight of…

Farmers Became Educators at this Year's State Fair
By Lee Egerstrom September 18, 2007

More than 1.6 million people visited this year's Great Minnesota Get-Together, where farmers made a concerted effort to unite Minnesotans -- rural, urban and…

Metro Congestion Even Worse
By Conrad deFiebre September 18, 2007

  Twin Cities rush-hour commuters waste nearly $800 and the equivalent of a work week sitting in traffic each year, and the problem keeps…

Latino Teachers are Scarce in Minnesota
By John Fitzgerald, Education Policy Fellow September 14, 2007

While Minnesota's Latino population is booming, Latino teachers are hard to find. Between 2000 and 2005, the number of documented Minnesota Latinos jumped 29…

Minnesotans Ready for Transit, Aren't Buying the Bashing
By Conrad deFiebre September 13, 2007

  Transit-bashing is a favorite parlor game of anti-tax conservatives, but the evidence is growing that most Minnesotans aren't buying it. To hear the…

We're Disappointed. Are You?
By Minnesota 2020 September 11, 2007

  As the Legislature's special session convenes today, Minnesota 2020 wants to bring your opinions to the debate. Six weeks ago, the Interstate 35W…

No Child Left Behind: Creating Failure
By John Fitzgerald, Education Policy Fellow September 07, 2007

No Child Left Behind is a conservative plan to undermine confidence in public education, with an ultimate goal of destabilizing and defunding public schools.…

Who Loses Without a Special Session?
By Conrad deFiebre & Matt Entenza, Minnesota 2020 Board Chair September 06, 2007

  A short five weeks after the Interstate 35W bridge collapsed, killing 13, Minnesota's leaders have already dropped their push for prompt attention to…

Science Scores Show Bruise on Education's Apple
By John Fitzgerald, Education Policy Fellow September 05, 2007

Minnesota schools need to produce high-quality scientists and mathematicians to fuel the state's growing high-tech economy. While Minnesota students topped the nation in overall…

This Punishment is a Crime
By John Fitzgerald, Education Policy Fellow September 04, 2007

When punishment is handed down to schools that don't meet state mandated test scores, schools lose money where it is needed most: to help…

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