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Naming Rights Reveal Importance of Farms, Food in Minnesota
By Lee Egerstrom September 17, 2014

Minnesotans were reminded recently that food and agriculture remain huge drivers of the state’s economy when two of the largest home-based companies stepped forward…

VIDEO: Customized Learning with Tablets
By Tom Niemisto December 03, 2012

Several Minnesota school districts are harnessing the educational value of tablet computers in the classroom. We visited Farmington Public Schools, which is one of the first…

Repeal Would be Job Killing
By Julie Schnell, Guest Commentary January 31, 2011

“… if your interest is to make health care available to more Americans, this should be a happy day for you – no matter…

Tuesday Talk: Frustrated with the Black Friday madness?
By Joe Sheeran November 26, 2013

This week, hundreds of Minnesota retail workers will spend their Thanksgiving on the job, helping their big box bosses pad multimillion dollar bottom lines.…

Your Ed Reform To-Do List
By Michael Diedrich November 05, 2013

One of the things that confounded me when I first jumped into debates about education reform was how quick people were to dismiss those…

Video: New Infrastructure Equals More Jobs
By Briana Johnson December 16, 2013

The BlueGreen Alliance is joining a number of other experts, calling on state policymakers to invest in infrastructure. The organization's new report estimated that…

Rep. Petersen Skirting Teacher Tenure
By Kaye Thompson Peters February 23, 2012

Once upon a time, teachers could be fired for wearing a skirt above the ankle, appearing in public after 8 p.m., or speaking on…

Support Workers Making the Holidays Happen
By John R. Van Hecke December 17, 2013

Generally, workers who make the holidays happen live in poverty. Yet, many of the major retailers they work for bring in multi-billion dollar profits.…

Home care workers stand up, fight back
By Steve Fletcher July 09, 2014

The wrong-headed Supreme Court decision in Harris v. Quinn deserved a response. Tuesday, Minnesota home care workers delivered it, presenting  union election filing cards…

Tuesday Talk: Closing the wage gap Q and A
By Joe Sheeran June 11, 2013

Overnight, non-unionized janitorial workers at many of the region’s retailers began picketing for fairer wages and better working conditions. These types of stories, where…

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