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Most Popular

Middle Class Fighting for Crumbs
By Lee Egerstrom April 09, 2013

If you recall childhood experiences with sharing, like splitting a cookie with four friends, one would almost always have to settle for crumbs. This…

Demographic Changes’ Impact on Early Childhood Education
By Jill Thompson January 02, 2013

Education achievement gaps across races and economic strata are a problem throughout the country and, despite a high overall education ranking, Minnesota is no…

More Dangerous, More Costly: An Analysis of Transportation Outsourcing
By Michael Diedrich and Sylvia O'Brien, Graduate Research Fellow March 26, 2014

Download full report (pdf) View online at Scribd Contrary to popular belief, outsourced school transportation services generally have weaker safety records and are more…

The Sun Drives Economic Development in Minnesota
By Lee Egerstrom September 24, 2014

Minnesotans are squinting up at the sun and leaning into the wind in efforts to link their pocketbooks and the natural environment to benefit…

Beyond Educational Isolation: Do We Work Together or Fight Each Other?
By Michael Diedrich November 27, 2013

Here’s my attempt at an appropriately Thanksgiving-related hook. This is a holiday stereotypically fraught with contradictions. What is billed as a holiday about coming…

College Debts Hold Back Economic Recovery; Need Assistance
By Lee Egerstrom September 10, 2014

Rising college debts are holding back recovery in the housing markets while housing costs converge with college debts to also hold back recovery for…

Discussing Racial Bias in Law Enforcement
By Deb Balzer September 16, 2014

Recent high profile cases of alleged police misconduct have propelled the conversation about police treatment of the black community, especially black men and what…

Discussion: First a Super Bowl, Then a World’s Fair!
By John Van Hecke July 22, 2014

From the MLB All-Star game to a youth soccer tournament to a dog show, public events, performances and gatherings are both entertainment and economic…

A Decade of School Funding Cuts Reversed
By Jeff Van Wychen November 11, 2013

Download report (pdf) View online at Scribd After a decade of cuts in real (i.e., inflation adjusted) per pupil state support for K-12 education,…

Lost in the Noise: An All-Payer System
By Lucas Smith August 27, 2012

Since 2008, health care reform has been the subject of contentious political debate. Everybody has a fix, be it a public insurance option, the…

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