Moving Minnesota's Public Debate Forward


A weekly column by Executive Director, John Van Hecke

Minnesota 2020 Journal: Our Flying Car Future

As legislative sessions go, this one is marked by relatively blip-free achievements. Progressive policy is taking a big step ahead after years of stutter-steps backwards. Striding forward, it’s important to remember that we realize more from the journey than we do from the destination. Consider the higher profile victories. Minnesota passed a minimum wage increase for the first time since 2005 and it will be indexed for inflation. Legislators passed a school bullying bill that brings Minnesota schools up to speed with anti-bullying practices in peer states. Governor Dayton’s business-to-business…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: More Campaign Finance Transparency Needed

Minnesota conservative activists wasted no time trying to leverage the U.S. Supreme Court's recent campaign finance ruling. In McCutcheon v FEC, the Roberts court removed contributors’ aggregate contribution limits in a campaign cycle. This week, local conservatives announced a similar state campaign finance law challenge, removing special source contribution limits. In the post-Watergate campaign reform era, there’s never been a better time to be a well-heeled contributor. If you possess considerable wealth and a strong desire to fund political campaigns, the world is your oyster. The rest of us? That’s…