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A weekly column by Executive Director, John Van Hecke

Minnesota 2020 Journal: Why We Fight

Today, Friday, August 1, Minnesota’s state minimum wage rises for the first time in 9 years, increasing from $5.15/hour for small employers and $6.15/hour for large employers, both below the federal $7.25/hour minimum wage, to $9.50/hour. The wage hike didn’t happen casually. It took a concerted, intensive, multilayered effort and almost failed multiple times. Minnesota’s minimum wage history challenges Minnesota’s progressive self-identity. Before the 2005 minimum wage increase, previous action occurred in 1998 when Minnesota’s minimum wage moved to $5.15/hour. Before that, it was increased in 1991. While it’s true…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: Another Misleading Conservative “Crisis”

Minnesota’s pension problem is not the problem that conservative policy advocates assert. Rather, our problem is that Minnesota would be better off if more Minnesotans had pensions. Earlier this month, the Center of the American Experiment (CAE) released a report suggesting that Minnesota’s public employee pension funds risk collapse. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, CAE’s report misleads Minnesotans, insinuating that state policymakers simultaneously cause and ignore pension problems. There’s the rub. State leaders can’t ignore something that they didn’t cause. CAE’s report is conflagration of head…