Moving Minnesota's Public Debate Forward


Strong schools create Minnesota's path to prosperity.

Disputing Destiny

One of the most frequent and laudable refrains in education reform is, “Poverty is not destiny. ” The sentiment is clear and incontestable: Being born into poverty should not determine your future. While it’s certainly more aspiration than reality right now, it is at least the right goal. Recent research from Johns Hopkins University has reinforced how far our society’s present situation is from that ideal, and how inequitable the chances of escaping poverty are. Starting in 1982, the researchers followed 800 people in Baltimore from first grade into their…

The Present and Future of Early Childhood Reform

That early learning is critical is one of the few points of agreement in today’s education reform debate. Unfortunately, actually improving early childhood education on a large scale is trickier than it looks at first. The high return on investment for strong early childhood education has become a well-worn talking point. Estimates as high as $16 of benefit for every $1 invested raise eyebrows and catch attention. Those benefits come from many sources: higher income (and thus higher tax revenue), lower K-12 expenditures for special education or remediation, and—one of…