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MN2020 - VIDEO: A More Memorable Central Corridor
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VIDEO: A More Memorable Central Corridor

June 11, 2012 By Tom Niemisto, Video Production Specialist

Even before light rail construction it was sometimes difficult for folks to remember the streets around their favorite businesses. Most commuters look for landmarks, but now a lot of them are gone. Twin Cities art leaders have decided it's time to create new landmarks on University Avenue. 

Irrigate is an initiative that trains and supports dozens of artists focused on "placemaking," creating memorable art along the Central Corridor. It's a partnership between Springboard for the Arts, the City of St. Paul, and the Twin Cities Local Initiatives Support Corporation.

One particular project is at the Rondo Community Outreach Library, the only public library directly on the corridor. Amy Unger's installation is an interactive alphabet mural in which the letters are comprised of symbols she photographed along the corridor.


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