Moving Minnesota's Public Debate Forward

Economic Development

A growing Minnesota is a prosperous, secure Minnesota.

VIDEO: Hotel Workers Deserve Better

Major sporting events such as the All-Star Game pump millions of dollars into our local economy as well as attract thousands of visitors who stay at our area hotels. The hotel industry in the Twin Cities as well as the Duluth and Rochester area are seeing post recession recession profits and that's exciting news. But, not everyone benefits from the boom in business. Dramatic staffing cuts have increased hotel profits at the cost of workers who are experiencing increased work burdens and work related injuries. Many housekeepers went from cleaning…

Applied Science Builds Minnesota from the Ground Up

When a farmer named Thomas Jefferson was helping design buildings, grounds and curricula for the University of Virginia, he argued emphatically that there should be an agriculture course at the new university. Minnesota educators, other public officials and community leaders should revisit Jefferson’s thinking. We are creating a new Minnesota with many of our newest Minnesotans looking for ways to start careers and enterprises built on food, agriculture and use of our other natural resources. Jefferson viewed agriculture as the applied science that utilized all other known sciences. The late…