Moving Minnesota's Public Debate Forward

Economic Development

A growing Minnesota is a prosperous, secure Minnesota.

Video: Big Banks Redlining our Community

Organizations such as NOC, Minnesotans for a Fair Economy and ISAIAH gathered together outside City Hall to release a report on how Big Banks are Redlining people of color in our community. Redlining is an act that goes back to the 1960s where big banks deny access to credit, fair housing and lending. Big banks are stealing the wealth from our community and we need the City to step up and help these targeted areas reclaim their wealth.   

Sprawl is Real, and It’s Here

Conservative apologists for sprawl try to deny that it's even a real phenomenon, some even draping dismissive quotation marks around the word. Around here, it's a right-wing obsession to blast the Metropolitan Council's development policies, saying they will herd unwilling suburbanites into teeming, crime-ridden cities. Fortunately, Smart Growth America has just debunked these notions with empirical evidence that puts the lie to Met Council's supposed iron-fisted rule. Its landmark report, "Measuring Sprawl and its Impact," places the Twin Cities at No. 147 out of 221 U.S. metro areas for sprawl, meaning we're in the spread-out top third of…