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Finding New Keys to Land Ownership, Careers in Farming

At a creative farm south of St. Paul near the town of Coates, two things about fruit, vegetable and horticultural growing are immediately clear. You cannot plant and raise perennial crops when renting land on a year-to-year lease. You cannot even think about having an orchard unless you own the land. That is what makes the HAFA Farm in Dakota County so intriguing and why government agencies and nonprofit organizations are pitching in to help the Hmong American Farmers Association get the farm launched and for HAFA members to buy…

VIDEO: Exploring a Hmong Land Cooperative

Minnesota is home to a large Hmong community of which many farm. One complication is that many do not have access to land that is affordable and near their homes. One group has committed to making a difference. The Hmong American Farmers Association (HAFA) was awarded a Bush Foundation Community Innovation Grant which will allow the nonprofit organization to explore organizing a land cooperative. HAFA provides training and support to Hmong farmers and recently lauched the HAFA Farm–a 155 acre incubator and research farm located in Vermillion Township in Dakota…