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Fiscal Policy Archive

VIDEO: Paying My Fair Share
By Tom Niemisto May 16, 2013

"I'm willing to pay my fair share!" Those words were repeated by Minnesotans in all income groups to a crowd gathered at the capitol…

State Business Property Tax Revisions
By Jeff Van Wychen May 14, 2013

Note to readers: While the particular state business property tax changes highlighted in the analysis below are no longer included in the 2013 Omnibus…

Senate Proposes Repealing Flawed Sales Tax Policy
By Jeff Van Wychen May 09, 2013

During the 1992 legislative session, state policymakers were struggling to find a way to balance the state budget. One of the solutions was requiring…

The Merits of Senate’s Sales Tax Reform
By Jeff Van Wychen May 08, 2013

For over a year leading up to the 2013 legislative session, State Revenue Commissioner Myron Frans was touring the state making the case for…

Senate Income Tax Increase Doesn’t Hit the Middle-Class
By Jeff Van Wychen May 06, 2013

Like Governor Dayton’s proposal and the House tax bill, the Senate's a tax bill—Senate File (SF) 552—contains a significant income tax increase. The Senate…

Celebrating Minnesota’s Late Tax Freedom Day
By Jeff Van Wychen April 30, 2013

A crowd of 600 anti-tax conservatives converged on the Capitol last Saturday to complain about Minnesota’s current level of taxes and to fret about…

Income Growth Unharmed by Tax Hikes
By Jeff Van Wychen April 23, 2013

Opponents of the state income tax rate increases proposed by Governor Dayton and House and Senate leadership claim that these policies will undermine Minnesota…

Income Tax Increases Don’t Hurt Job Growth
By Jeff Van Wychen April 22, 2013

Anti-tax proponents are fond of saying that income tax rate increases are “job killers.” In reality, there is no indication that state income tax…

Crumbling Fiscal Foundation: A Decade of Decline in State Investment
By Jeff Van Wychen April 15, 2013

Download full report (pdf) View online at Scribd On this Tax Day, tea party activists will fan out across Minnesota to protest out of…

General Fund Revenue Near 20 Year Low
By Jeff Van Wychen April 10, 2013

As the result of the Great Recession combined with ten years of “no new tax” policies, real per capita state general fund revenue hit…

Closing the Corporate Tax Haven Loophole
By Jeff Van Wychen April 02, 2013

Minnesota leads all fifty states in terms of per capita state and federal income tax revenue lost through the “tax haven” corporate tax loophole,…

LGA Map: What Your City Will Receive
By Jeff Van Wychen March 27, 2013

As of now, a new city Local Government Aid (LGA) formula (H.F. 1608 and S.F. 1491) is carrying bi-partisan support from metro area and…

LGA Must Keep Pace with Inflation and Population Growth
By Jeff Van Wychen March 25, 2013

At a recent House Property Tax Division meeting, Rep. Pat Garofalo of Farmington complained that the annual inflation adjustment in the city LGA reform…

Cities Compromise on LGA, Reach Historic Agreement
By Jeff Van Wychen March 20, 2013

A reformed Local Government Aid (LGA) program could become law during the 2013 legislative session, thanks to the leadership of Governor Dayton—who included a…

Impact of Dayton’s Proposed Fourth Tier by County
By Jeff Van Wychen March 19, 2013

The major revenue raiser in the Governor’s revised tax plan is his 4th tier income tax, which increases the rate from 7.85 percent to…

Restoring Property Tax Relief
By Jeff Van Wychen March 13, 2013

Governor Pawlenty and his “no new tax” allies repeatedly cut funding for property tax relief programs, choosing to shift the state budget balancing burden…

B-to-B Sales Tax Gone; What’s the Replacement?
By Jeff Van Wychen March 11, 2013

Governor Dayton’s decision to cut business-to-business sales taxes out of his revised budget plan removes approximately $2.2 billion in revenue from his budget. After…

February Forecast Underscores the Need for Revenue
By Jeff Van Wychen March 05, 2013

Anti-tax legislators were singing “Happy Days are Here Again” in response to the 2013 February budget forecast. Certainly the small uptick in forecasted revenue…

New Study: Minnesota Taxes Remain Regressive
By Jeff Van Wychen March 04, 2013

Taxpayers at the top of Minnesota’s income scale continue to pay a much smaller share of their income in state and local taxes than…

Inflation’s Impact on State Spending
By Jeff Van Wychen February 26, 2013

With the latest state budget forecast due to be released on February 28, now is a good time to remind Minnesotans of a big…

Recessions Mask Tax Regressivity Trends
By Jeff Van Wychen February 12, 2013

Every two years, the Minnesota Department of Revenue publishes the Minnesota Tax Incidence Study (MTIS). In 2000, Minnesota’s state and local tax system was…

The Governor’s LGA Proposal: Impact by City
By Jeff Van Wychen February 06, 2013

Even with a proposed $80 million increase to city Local Government Aid (LGA), real (i.e., inflation-adjusted) per capita LGA will remain less than what…

Is the Dayton Tax Proposal Progressive?
By Jeff Van Wychen February 05, 2013

Conservative State Senator Julianne Ortman recently complained that the Dayton budget “raises taxes on the poorest of the poor.” Later that same day during…

Study Confirms MN’s Tax System is Unfair
By Jeff Van Wychen January 31, 2013

A new report from the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP) provides fresh insight on who is paying state and local taxes in…

Price of Government Declines Under the Dayton Budget
By Jeff Van Wychen January 28, 2013

Despite all of the right wing groups' handwringing about tax increases under Governor Dayton's budget proposal, Minnesota’s “price of government” under the Dayton plan…

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