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Fiscal Policy Archive

VIDEO: Workers Face a Shutdown
By Tom Niemisto June 16, 2011

Starting last week, thousands of state employees received layoff notices in the mail. Major agencies of state government will shut down if no budget…

VIDEO: 2% vs the Rest of Us
By Tom Niemisto June 02, 2011

It's time to move forward on the budget deficit and address fiscal policy fairly for all Minnesotans. Conservatives want to protect Minnesota's richest two…

VIDEO: Workers React to Budget Stalemate
By Tom Niemisto May 26, 2011

Minnesota’s budget stalemate gives those concerned with the state’s fragile economy an uneasy feeling. A government shutdown will put thousands of workers on the…

Saying it with Conviction Doesn’t Make it Correct
By John R. Van Hecke May 25, 2011

Just because a statement is made with great certainty and conviction does not mean that it is correct. Rep. King Banaian’s commentary regarding the…

We are Better Than That
By John Wayne Barker, Guest Commentary May 24, 2011

Sitting in a policy stalemate that could shut down Minnesota’s government reminds me of former Vice President Walter Mondale’s admonition in a recent Washington…

Getting What You Pay For: A Case for Balance
By Lee Egerstrom May 17, 2011

Step back three paces, take a deep breath, and look again at linkages between the economy and taxes, public services and employment, and the…

Job Creation by the Wealthy Mostly a Myth
By Myles Spicer, Minnesota 2020 Contributor May 09, 2011

We hear this conservative mantra continually: “We must give tax breaks to the wealthy so they can create more jobs because the rich are…

VIDEO: State Revenue Sharing and Public Safety
By Tom Niemisto May 09, 2011

As conservatives aim to cut budgets and reduce public service across Minnesota, deep cuts to state revenue sharing will impact more than just property taxes.…

VIDEO: Why Taxes Are Important
By Tom Niemisto April 18, 2011

There is plenty of debate over our tax system. From creating a more progressive rate to where our public dollars go, we all want…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: Chewing on the Numbers
By John R. Van Hecke March 18, 2011

Three recent reports should give Minnesotans pause and Minnesota policymakers direction. Consumer debt is down as are state housing starts while Minnesota continues sliding…

VIDEO: Impact of “Cuts Only” in Fergus Falls
By Tom Niemisto March 14, 2011

Conservatives’ strategy to balance budgets though cuts only is making it harder to maintain basic services in small towns across the state. Revenue sharing…

Freezing Revenues at a 20-Year Low
By Jeff Van Wychen January 26, 2011

Conservative legislators want to freeze per capital state general fund revenue. Here’s the problem. After adjusting for inflation, per capita state revenue for the…

Minnesota’s Tax Fairness Retreat
By Jeff Van Wychen January 18, 2011

Download full report (pdf) View online at Scribd Since 2000, Minnesota’s state and local taxes have become more regressive, meaning low and moderate income…

VIDEO: Tax Regressivity, Moving Minnesota Backward
By Tom Niemisto January 18, 2011

Since 2000, Minnesota has moved aggressively toward a more regressive tax system, making a bad economy even worse for the state’s low- and middle-income…

Property Taxpayers’ Shrinking Fiscal Equity
By Jeff Van Wychen January 11, 2011

A portion of Minnesota’s business lobby—including the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, the Minnesota Taxpayers Association, and the Minnesota Commercial Real Estate Development Association—have launched…

School Funding Declines Projected to Continue
By Jeff Van Wychen January 04, 2011

Download report (pdf) View online at Scribd Even before the Legislature and Governor begin the difficult task of tackling the state’s FY 2012-13 budget…

VIDEO: LGA Cuts affect Library in Cannon Falls
By Tom Niemisto January 03, 2011

Public library use is on the rise. Americans made 1.4 billion visits to libraries in 2009, and used them for wider and wider purposes.…

Shifty Budget Solutions Have Run Their Course
By Jeff Van Wychen December 21, 2010

Governor Pawlenty was in a self-congratulatory mood after the release of the November forecast, touting the “projected $399 million balance at the end of…

Limited Property Tax Hikes for 2011?
By Jeff Van Wychen December 06, 2010

Minnesota property taxes are expected to increase by 2.6 percent from 2010 to 2011, based on preliminary levy information compiled by the Minnesota Department…

Comparing Taxes and Revenue Among the 50 States
By Jeff Van Wychen November 29, 2010

How large is government in Minnesota relative to other states? How high are taxes? The answers depend in large part on how and what…

The Freshman Legislator’s Dilemma: Local Government Aid
By Jeff Van Wychen November 22, 2010

Freshman legislators have the unenviable task of learning the ropes at the State Capitol during a session when they will be confronting a massive…

Three Ways to a Balanced Budget
By Jeff Van Wychen November 14, 2010

Minnesota’s budget has been in turmoil for several years now, as plunging state revenue has created more and more red ink. Political chaos resulting…

Enough with the “No New Taxes” Myth
By Myles Spicer, Guest Commentary November 10, 2010

With the governor’s race somewhat in limbo, future state policy sits in neutral. While most Minnesotans want to move forward on issues like adequate…

Minnesota Taxes Remain “Just About Average”
By Jeff Van Wychen November 08, 2010

With all the talk from Minnesota’s far right about “government spending run amok” and “out of control taxes,” one might think that taxes in…

Income Tax Increase: the Right Approach to Budget Deficit
By Jeff Van Wychen October 28, 2010

Whether or not they admit it, all three of Minnesota’s major gubernatorial candidates are presenting budget balancing strategies that involve tax increases. One strategy…

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