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Energy & Environment Archive

Where Should Minnesota's Trash Go?
By Helen Schnoes, Undergraduate Research Fellow August 19, 2009

  Minnesotans today face an age-old problem: what to make of our trash? A cultural shift is emerging in places like Duluth, Hutchinson, and…

Minnesota's Winds of Progress
By Nathan Paine, Minnesota 2020 Fellow July 15, 2009

Download full report  (pdf) View online at Scribd   EXECUTIVE SUMMARY When placed in the most optimal location, with the proper investment, research and…

A Healthy Transportation Policy
By Conrad deFiebre April 22, 2009

  Travel is hazardous to your health. For proof of that proposition, you need look no further than the 40,000 or so annual U.S.…

Minnesota's Environmental Education Tradition
By Leah Ritz, Undergraduate Research Fellow December 10, 2008

Minnesotans have a historically strong relationship with the natural environment. We are the land of 10,000 lakes and even passed a constitutional amendment raising…

Rail Key to Reducing Minnesota's CO2 Emissions
By Conrad deFiebre November 14, 2008

  Transportation can be a big culprit when it comes to climate change. So what's the best way for Minnesotans to reduce their transportation…

The Silver Lining to Black Gold's High Price
By Conrad deFiebre June 08, 2008

  It may be hard to appreciate as you're shelling out what seems like a small fortune at the gasoline pump, but there are…

Sustainability Saves Money, Energy on Minnesota Campuses
By Erin Boeke Burke, Graduate Research Fellow May 28, 2008

Minnesota's colleges and universities are proving that reducing energy waste and consumption is saving money. As a result, the hot new job on campus…

The Dilemma in Combating Climate Change
By Conrad deFiebre October 18, 2007

  Do you expect to do half as much driving in the year 2025 as you do today? That's one suggestion to combat global…

Plug-In Hybrids: Building Our Way Out of a Problem
By Ben Pierson, Chuck Green Civic Engagement Fellow July 18, 2007

  Despite conservative resistance, Minnesota is emerging as a national leader in the development of bio-fuels, wind energy and renewable energy standards. Now there's…

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