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Video: Colossal Costs
By Julia Moroles June 16, 2014

Higher education is becoming a standard requirement for our current work force. It also comes with a hefty price tag that has brought our…

Could Vergara Happen Here? (Part 1)
By Michael Diedrich June 16, 2014

With Judge Rolf Treu of California ruling that state's teacher tenure system unconstitutional, there's been a lot of discussion about what the case might…

Opportunity Gaps Persist After College Graduation
By Michael Diedrich June 10, 2014

In roughly three months’ time, as classrooms fill and teachers work to engage and motivate their new charges, many students will hear a time-honored…

Summer Losses, Summer Gains
By Michael Diedrich June 03, 2014

We have again reached the time of year when summer break is on the horizon. Some Minnesota schools will be ending classes this week,…

Video: Why Adjunct Professors Want a Union
By Briana Johnson May 29, 2014

Adjunct Professors are joining together to have a voice by becoming a union. Many adjunct professors aspire to become full time professors while others…

Video: Breaking School-to-prison Pipelines
By Briana Johnson May 22, 2014

Students, parents and teachers are demanding Minnesota eliminate school-related discipline practices that heighten certain acts to criminal offenses. It would go a long way…

Brown v. Board at 60
By Michael Diedrich May 13, 2014

This Saturday will mark the 60th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, which found “separate educational…

Where the Leaders Are
By Michael Diedrich May 06, 2014

The first three days of May were the major days of action for the “We Need Diverse Books” online campaign, which called for greater…

Video: Duluth Community School
By Briana Johnson May 01, 2014

Imagine a school open 7 days a week, serving as a community hub for not only learning but medical and other social services. Statewide…

More Than Mastery
By Michael Diedrich April 29, 2014

What’s wrong with defining learning as “mastery”? Nothing, so long as we don’t stop there. Unfortunately, too many of us (including myself) do. The…

Minneapolis Public School Board Video Forum
By Steve Fletcher April 23, 2014

This year, voters will elect two candidates to at-large school board seats, and one candidate to each of three district seats. To help our…

The Equitable School System
By Michael Diedrich April 15, 2014

Whether you call it the achievement gap, the opportunity gap, or the educational debt, what you have in mind is some form of educational…

Embracing Diversity Can Solve MN’s Educational Disparities
By Héctor García April 09, 2014

"We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things not because they are easy but because they are…

The Market Doesn’t Care About Educational Equity
By Michael Diedrich April 08, 2014

As the rhetoric in Minnesota's upcoming gubernatorial race heats up, you're bound to hear a lot about school choice -- in-district choice programs, charter…

Towards a More Culturally Responsive School System
By Michael Diedrich April 01, 2014

Like the fish that doesn’t know what water is, culture is generally imperceptible to us until someone else points it out to us or…

On Ed Reform: How Long Will This Take?
By Michael Diedrich March 31, 2014

A lot of people are frustrated by the pace of education reform. I’m one of them. The equity problems in our school system (part…

More Dangerous, More Costly: An Analysis of Transportation Outsourcing
By Michael Diedrich and Sylvia O'Brien, Graduate Research Fellow March 26, 2014

Download full report (pdf) View online at Scribd Contrary to popular belief, outsourced school transportation services generally have weaker safety records and are more…

Four Lessons for Better Ed Reform
By Michael Diedrich March 18, 2014

As I’ve been watching education reform for the past few years, I’ve seen a few common mistakes repeated over and over again. Here, I’ve…

Privilege, Test Scores, and High Expectations
By Michael Diedrich March 11, 2014

Test scores, once seen as a way to force schools to have higher expectations of their students, have instead placed a ceiling and walls…

Lessons from Saint Paul Teachers
By Michael Diedrich March 04, 2014

The new St. Paul teacher contract agreement resulted from a process that began months before the two sides first sat down at the negotiating…

Minnesota School Year Requirements in 2014
By Michael Diedrich February 25, 2014

For quite a while now, one of the most visited articles at Minnesota 2020 has been a 2009 piece by John Fitzgerald about Minnesota’s…

Sometimes Anti-Unionism Is Just Anti-Unionism
By Michael Diedrich February 18, 2014

Come with me (figuratively) to Chattanooga, where the United Auto Workers wanted a plant to unionize, the car company wanted the plant to unionize,…

Video: Feeding the Picky Eaters
By Briana Johnson February 13, 2014

Getting kids to try new foods can be very challenging especially when it comes to vegetables. Food Explorers, a Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation program,…

Why the 2014 Elections Matter for Education: Vouchers, Bargaining, and More
By Michael Diedrich February 11, 2014

They may seem like an eternity ago, but the 2010 elections should still cause our adrenaline to spike. Massive conservative victories across the country…

Three Perspectives on Black History Month
By Michael Diedrich February 04, 2014

We have reached February, for decades identified in the U.S. as Black History Month, which has generated a host of mixed reactions. A result…

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