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Economic Development Archive

Governor Gets it Wrong on Business Taxes
By Jeff Van Wychen January 27, 2009

Governor Pawlenty claimed that "if Minnesota were a country, we'd have the third highest business tax rates in the world," in his State of…

More Bad Budget News
By Jeff Van Wychen January 21, 2009

The January economic update from Minnesota Management & Budget (formerly the Department of Finance) has revealed that tax collections in November and December of…

New Tools Needed for Minnesota Economic Recovery Plans
By Lee Egerstrom January 15, 2009

Federal rescue efforts are in the works but buckets of money won't kick start economic recovery if Minnesota and other states aren't positioned to…

Support Local Economy if You Can
By Joe Sheeran January 09, 2009

Watching the Vikings games over the past few weekends, I grew more and more frustrated--not with the play of the hometown team, but with…

Green and Local Food in Red Wing
By Lee Egerstrom December 31, 2008

Closing out 2008, most Minnesotans have been forced to look at both public and private responses to the bad economy by pondering what can…

Nonprofit Fundraising and Economic Outlook
By Alli Williams December 24, 2008

Despite treacherous road conditions and frigid temperatures, the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (MCN) addressed a packed room in St. Paul to unveil a detailed…

Neither a 'Naughty' nor 'Nice' Holidays for Minnesota
By Lee Egerstrom Lee Egerstrom December 23, 2008

Community leaders all across Minnesota are making lists, checking them twice, and it hasn't anything to do with Christmas or Hanukkah. This holiday season,…

What New Agriculture Leadership Could Mean for Minnesota
By Lee Egerstrom December 18, 2008

Rural Minnesotans, like people associated with food and agriculture everywhere, learned late Tuesday that former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack was announced as Agriculture Secretary-designate…

State's Economic Development Strategy Failing
By Nathan Paine December 11, 2008

Against the backdrop of Minnesota's declining economic performance, it's time for state economic development strategies that work. Minnesota's JOBZ program, essentially an enterprise zone…

"Gifts of Impact" Appropriate this Holiday Season
By Lee Egerstrom December 10, 2008

The Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches has a great idea for this holiday gift-giving season that was made all the more important by this…

Made in MN 2008: Boosting Minnesota's Economy in Tough Economic Times
By Lee Egerstrom November 25, 2008

Download full report  (pdf) View online at Scribd Minnesota is in a recession. It always makes economic sense to support our local manufacturers and…

Food for Thought: Hunger is Bad for Business, Bad for Everyone
By Lee Egerstrom July 30, 2008

Download full report  (pdf) View online at Scrib Hunger and inadequate nutrition are again on the rise here in the land of plenty, and…

Building On Minnesota Roots: A Cooperative Response to Hard Times
By Lee Egerstrom June 24, 2008

With the U.S. and Minnesota economies in a tailspin, standing still means falling farther behind. Recognizing that the status quo won't do, more and…

Minnesota's Bubble Economy: The Critical Need to Prevent our Farmland Boom from Busting
By Lee Egerstrom May 06, 2008

Download full report  (pdf) View online at Scribd   Minnesota agriculture is riding high -- perhaps too high to be sustainable. Clearly, price bubbles…

Made in MN: The Value of Buying Local this Holiday Season
By Lee Egerstrom November 20, 2007

Download full report  (pdf) View online at Scribd Click Here for the Made in MN Holiday Gift Guide Buying Minnesota-made products will improve Minnesota's…

Minnesota's Public Libraries: Priceless, in Dollars and Sense
By Lee Egerstrom November 06, 2007

People in southeastern Minnesota were reminded of the value of their public libraries when torrential August rains caused massive flooding, destroying homes and businesses.…

Minnesota Ghost Towns Haunt 500 Endangered Small Cities
By Lee Egerstrom September 24, 2007

A cornfield now covers most of what was Hereford, in Grant County, Minn. The village of Pomme de Terre is gone from the banks…

Farmers Became Educators at this Year's State Fair
By Lee Egerstrom September 18, 2007

More than 1.6 million people visited this year's Great Minnesota Get-Together, where farmers made a concerted effort to unite Minnesotans -- rural, urban and…

Chasing Smokestacks, Stranding Small Business: Rural Minnesota's Crisis
By Lee Egerstrom June 27, 2007

Download full report  (pdf) View online at Scribd Executive Summary The state is failing rural Minnesota. Today, the State of Minnesota's economic development policy…

The Evolving Finnish Economic Model: How Cooperatives Serve as "Globalization Insurance"
By Lee Egerstrom & Samuli Skurnik May 29, 2007

The Evolving Finnish Economic Model

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