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Economic Development Archive

Growing Profits at Workers’ Expense
By Lucas Franco July 14, 2014

Download full report (pdf) View online at Scribd Tourism in Minnesota is a $12.5 billion dollar industry, and according to officials, the economic impact…

VIDEO: Lee Egerstrom Receives ACE Award
By Briana Johnson July 14, 2014

Lee Egerstrom, Economic Development Fellow at Minnesota 2020, is being recognized by the Association of Cooperative Educators for his remarkable contribution to cooperative education…

Video: Home Care Workers Fight for a Union
By Briana Johnson July 10, 2014

Purple T-shirts filled the parking lot as caregivers, care recipients and supporters gathered to support home care workers as they filed thousands of signed…

The Question for Jobs and Markets: “For Whom?”
By Lee Egerstrom July 10, 2014

Minnesota and the Twin Cities metro area have been dished a steady diet of good, healthy news about job numbers and unemployment this spring.…

Home care workers stand up, fight back
By Steve Fletcher July 09, 2014

The wrong-headed Supreme Court decision in Harris v. Quinn deserved a response. Tuesday, Minnesota home care workers delivered it, presenting  union election filing cards…

Determining Rural Minnesota’s Capacity for Growth
By Lee Egerstrom July 02, 2014

When the residents of Tenney, near Breckenridge, voted to dissolve as a Minnesota city three years ago, the measure passed by an overwhelming two-to-one…

Governments, NGOs Must Help Corporations Save the World
By Lee Egerstrom June 26, 2014

Alice Korngold, a business consultant and author, has an article published by the University of Minnesota’s Ensia online magazine that matter-of-factly states that the…

Internships: Job Opportunity, Educational Piece, or Both?
By Nick Stumo-Langer June 25, 2014

This undergraduate research fellowship is the second internship I’ve had and, at the risk of brown-nosing, I have to say: I’ve been truly fortunate…

Housing: The Price is Wrong
By Katie Lescarbeau June 23, 2014

Occupy Homes used street theater to dramatize the Twin Cities affordable housing crisis at their rally on Wednesday. The rally leader, Antoine Martinneau, played…

Video: The Skilled Workers Behind the Green Line
By Briana Johnson June 19, 2014

As Minnesotans finally get to enjoy the Green Line, the construction workers who built it are basking in the satisfaction of a job well…

Food Inflation Rising; Poverty, Hunger Hold Steady
By Lee Egerstrom June 18, 2014

Look across Minnesota's landscape and everything that doesn’t have standing water has turned an explosive dark green. The growing season is underway; early season…

Video: Another Example of Uniting and Winning
By Briana Johnson June 11, 2014

The recent victory by the Twin Cities group Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en la Lucha (CTUL) in gaining stronger rights for their work in…

A Historic Victory for Target Janitors
By Lucas Franco June 11, 2014

After four years of struggling for fair working conditions, workers who clean local Target Stores and organizers from the Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en…

Harris v. Quinn Threatens Public Unions
By Ben Schweigert June 11, 2014

A U.S. Supreme Court ruling expected in the next few weeks on a case out of Illinois could deal a major blow to public…

We All Pay for the Hospitality Industry’s Low Wages
By Lucas Franco June 09, 2014

Low wages in the hospitality industry have forced many of its workers to rely on public subsidies to get by. Compared to workers in…

Farm Bill 2014: What they got right and wrong
By Adam Bauer & Claire Hofius, Macalester College June 09, 2014

Minnesota is a big agricultural player, with 50% of the state’s land used for farming. The food and agriculture industry is the state’s 2nd…

A Minnesota Immigration Enterprise Zone
By Héctor García June 02, 2014

It is rightfully and proudly said that the United States is a nation of laws. Nevertheless, laws are not static; they must be revised…

Farmers Working to Address Complicated Water Quality Issues
By Kevin Welter, Guest Commentary May 30, 2014

The following commentary is a rebuttal to one of Minnesota 2020's pieces from the Macalester College op-ed series. The original piece, by Wouter Hammink,…

Video: Why Adjunct Professors Want a Union
By Briana Johnson May 29, 2014

Adjunct Professors are joining together to have a voice by becoming a union. Many adjunct professors aspire to become full time professors while others…

Food, Farming, and Football Connected by Research
By Lee Egerstrom May 28, 2014

For most Twin Cities residents it's easy to overlook the close ties between the University of Minnesota and the state's small towns. If you…

Housekeepers More Injury Prone Than Coal Miners
By Lucas Franco May 27, 2014

Hotel room cleaning is a backbreaking job, with intense workloads, time pressures and repetitive lifting motions. Four weeks prior to the date they were…

Hotel Profitability Coming at Workers’ Expense
By Lucas Franco May 19, 2014

The hotel industry in the Twin Cities metropolitan region has made a strong recovery out of the Great Recession, but not everyone is benefiting…

Old Blueprint for New Way to Progress
By Lee Egerstrom May 14, 2014

Two farm broadcasting executives who have witnessed and chronicled change in the Red River Valley region of Minnesota, North Dakota and Manitoba are now…

Investing in MN’s Next Generation of Farms and Farmers
By Julian Thies, Macalester College May 14, 2014

Today Minnesota 2020 continues a series of columns focusing on agricultural and biodiversity issues. This is part of a continuing collaboration with Macalester College's…

MN Housing Needs Take State and Federal Support
By Lee Egerstrom May 07, 2014

As the Minnesota Legislature finishes work on a state bonding bill that will include increased funds for housing programs, a fresh look at rural…

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