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Delivering Dollars: 2014 Homeowner Property Tax Report

Download full report (high quality or small size) View online at Scribd All files contain complete appendix data In 2014, Minnesota homeowners will experience the largest property tax reduction in twelve years and will begin to benefit from the most significant reform of homestead taxation in at least three decades. The final property tax after refunds paid by the typical homeowner with a median income residing in a median value home will decline by over ten percent from 2013 to 2014 in the majority of Minnesota communities.…

Is the New “Accountability” Actually Professional?

When looking at teacher accountability, we’ve experienced many turbulent changes in the past few years. Unfortunately, they aren’t likely to have nearly the impact some are hoping for. One problem? They don’t do enough to professionalize teaching. The criticisms of traditional teacher evaluation and accountability systems are well-worn by now.…

FOIA Improvement Act: Why Minnesotans Should Care

The frenzy is on as the 113th Congress moves into its last lap and mid-term electioneering hits peak. Left in suspension is a rush of politically charged bills pulsating to get through committee, desperate to avoid sudden death at the stroke of a partisan pen. Standing apart from the teeming…

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Michael Diedrich: with Meredith Pozzi & Luke Plutowski:
Valuing the Whole Child: Education Beyond Test Scores