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Minnesota 2020 Journal: Why We Fight

Today, Friday, August 1, Minnesota’s state minimum wage rises for the first time in 9 years, increasing from $5.15/hour for small employers and $6.15/hour for large employers, both below the federal $7.25/hour minimum wage, to $9.50/hour. The wage hike didn’t happen casually. It took a concerted, intensive, multilayered effort and almost failed multiple times. Minnesota’s minimum wage history challenges Minnesota’s progressive self-identity. Before the 2005 minimum wage increase, previous action occurred in 1998 when Minnesota’s minimum wage moved to $5.15/hour. Before that, it was increased in 1991.…

A Windy Future for Minnesota?

In 1999, Minnesota already had 273 Megawatts of installed capacity, second only to California. By the end of last March, that number surged to a little over 3 Gigawatts, enough capacity to have provided 15.7 percent of our electricity last year. During this same period, installed wind capacity in the…

Bipartisan Transit Bashing

Once upon a time, a leading right-wing criticism of public transit cast it as an unwarranted subsidy to the undeserving poor. To Margaret Thatcher, a bus rider beyond young adulthood was a failure; to George W. Bush, strap-hangers needed only enough work to afford a car. Strangely, this argument lately…

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Growing Profits at Workers’ Expense


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