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Faith-based Activism Gaining Steam

Many organizations helped lead Minnesota's successful $9.50 minimum wage drive, including the state's faith community, which played a strong role influencing lawmakers and their congregations. These faith leaders are part of a growing international movement that have joined other activists, labor organizations and nonprofits against a well-financed opposition of corporate interests seeking to exploit workers, communities and natural resources. Over the weekend, I joined a deep discussion on this topic hosted by the Harvard Divinity School Episcopal/Anglican Fellowship, in a conference titled "Christianity and Capitalism."  In addition…

Minnesota Lags in DWI Prevention

Before I sobered up more than 30 years ago, I habitually drove drunk. Luckily, I never caused a crash or faced DWI charges -- even though I wasn't a state legislator with supposed immunity from such embarassments. Not that it mattered much anyway. Back then, Minnesota's drunken driving penalties were…

Minnesota 2020 Journal: Our Flying Car Future

As legislative sessions go, this one is marked by relatively blip-free achievements. Progressive policy is taking a big step ahead after years of stutter-steps backwards. Striding forward, it’s important to remember that we realize more from the journey than we do from the destination. Consider the higher profile victories. Minnesota…

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Michael Diedrich: and Sylvia O'Brien, Graduate Research Fellow :
More Dangerous, More Costly: An Analysis of Transportation Outsourcing