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Voter ID is Bad Public Policy

This past week, the Wisconsin Supreme Court voted to uphold Governor Scott Walker’s Voter ID law, which will require Wisconsinites to present a photo ID to vote. Governor Walker’s effort is part of a recent push by conservative state governments across the country to pass restrictive voter laws under the pretext of preventing voter fraud. Interestingly, voter fraud is mostly a myth. In particular, photo ID laws can only prevent in-person voter fraud—where a voter pretends to be someone else —which is virtually non-existent. No one in…

High-and-Higher-Speed Rail on Track

A heated debate broke out this month over America's high-speed passenger rail dreams —between two icons of the so-called "lamestream liberal media."  First, the New York Times, in a news article written by my former Star Tribune colleague Ron Nixon, reported that despite nearly $11 billion in federal spending since…

Finding New Keys to Land Ownership, Careers in Farming

At a creative farm south of St. Paul near the town of Coates, two things about fruit, vegetable and horticultural growing are immediately clear. You cannot plant and raise perennial crops when renting land on a year-to-year lease. You cannot even think about having an orchard unless you own the…

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Growing Profits at Workers’ Expense