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Finding New Keys to Land Ownership, Careers in Farming

At a creative farm south of St. Paul near the town of Coates, two things about fruit, vegetable and horticultural growing are immediately clear. You cannot plant and raise perennial crops when renting land on a year-to-year lease. You cannot even think about having an orchard unless you own the land. That is what makes the HAFA Farm in Dakota County so intriguing and why government agencies and nonprofit organizations are pitching in to help the Hmong American Farmers Association get the farm launched and for HAFA…

Money, People, and the Building of Dreams

On Monday morning, hundreds of people piled into an auditorium and a stuffed overflow room at the Humphrey School for Public Affairs. The reason was a presentation, run by former Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak, about the work of Generation Next, the massive collaboration of business, nonprofit, and public leaders aimed…

General Fund Revenue Remains Well Below 2000 Level

True to form, the anti-tax right continues to rail against the tax increases enacted by a progressive legislature and governor in 2013. However, real per capita state general fund revenue is significantly less than it was a decade ago, even after the 2013 tax hikes. In fact, the net increase…

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Lucas Franco:
Growing Profits at Workers’ Expense