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Valuing the Whole Child: Education Beyond Test Scores

Download full report (pdf) View online at Scribd The Pawlenty era was a tough time for Minnesota school districts, who saw state education aid stagnate or shrink in the face of inflation. Many communities proved how much they value their school systems by agreeing to take on higher property tax burdens so that their schools could make up the difference and continue to serve an increasingly diverse population with more students of color, more students from families struggling to get by, more students receiving special education services,…

Green Research Needed for Minnesota Bats and Bridges

Minnesota is ripe for a bridge building industry that would revive lumber production in the state, put northern Minnesota mills and mill workers back in action, and spur “green” economic investment in the state, insists a leading green economic development specialist. Carol Coren, founder and principal with the Cornerstone Ventures…

Finally, a Halt in Escalating City Property Taxes

From 2002 to 2013, city budgets shrank while city property taxes increased, thanks to rapidly declining state aid. Legislative actions in 2013 and 2014 mercifully reversed this trend. However, while much progress has been made in terms of reforming Minnesota’s property tax and state aid system, more work needs to…

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Growing Profits at Workers’ Expense


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VIDEO: The Eco Experience