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Ed Tech Conversations Are a Chance for Democracy

With the news that the Los Angeles superintendent has canceled the district’s contract with Apple and Pearson—due in part to concerns about how the contract was awarded—it’s a good time to reexamine district-level decision making about technology in education. In particular, here are three questions that families, teachers, and community members generally might want to consider asking of district leaders who are considering major technology purchases. Who’s selling this? Education technology is a large and growing industry, to the tune of roughly $10 billion. Sometimes that money…

Video: Tech Crawl

Budding entrepreneurs and innovators seeking strategic advice, resources and networking opportunities had the opportunity to join in a series of 20 events across the metro during the first ever Twin Cities Startup Week. Minnesota 2020 headed out to the Startup Crawl to learn more about different busineses in the metro…

Local Government Aid: Actions Speak Louder than Words

Gubernatorial candidates of all political persuasions support city Local Government Aid (LGA), at least while on the campaign trail. After all, LGA is an important source of funding for city services and helps keep property tax rates at reasonable levels, particularly in communities that have small tax bases or a…

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