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Discussion: Back to School Hopes

What are your hopes and dreams for school this year? Starting today, all Minnesota students will be back in school across the state. As you look forward to this year and further into the future, what do you envision and wish for your children, your students, and/or the schools in your community? Minnesota 2020 Education Fellow Michael Diedrich (fresh off the statewide press tour for “Valuing the Whole Child: Education Beyond Test Scores”) will be available from 8-9:30 am to facilitate this discussion, and will continue to…

The Many Sides of Back to School

Today, students across Minnesota are going back to school. Some have already been back for a week or more, but starting today, pretty much every child will be in one school or another. It’s a yearly ritual for many people, with some new variation each year. One such change this…

Invest Now or Pay the Price Later

Debt, the deficit, shrinking government—however it’s worded, cutting public spending is a popular, easily packaged for a good sound bite message used by politicians and the media alike. Commentators and bloggers have debated this topic from every angle ad nauseam, from labeling it communism to citing a misguided shift to…

MN 2020 Report:

Michael Diedrich: with Meredith Pozzi & Luke Plutowski:
Valuing the Whole Child: Education Beyond Test Scores