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Where Children, Data, and Equity Meet

It’s not hard to agree that young children shouldn’t face suspension or expulsion except in the most extreme circumstances. Beth Hawkins of MinnPost has provided in-depth coverage of the recent efforts in Minneapolis to address that problem by modifying their rules to make it difficult-to-impossible to send kindergarteners and first graders out of school for misbehavior. It’s the latest in a cluster of recent efforts in different Minnesota districts to address a real problem of equity in our schools. Specifically, the changes in Minneapolis are a reaction…

Discussing Racial Bias in Law Enforcement

High profile cases of alleged police misconduct have propelled the conversation about police treatment of the black community. What can we do from a policy perspective to ensure that our laws are enforced according to standards of racial equity, and to ensure that police practices are safe and equitable across communities?

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Local Government Aid: Actions Speak Louder than Words

Gubernatorial candidates of all political persuasions support city Local Government Aid (LGA), at least while on the campaign trail. After all, LGA is an important source of funding for city services and helps keep property tax rates at reasonable levels, particularly in communities that have small tax bases or a…

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