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Tuesday Talk: Redlining is Alive and Well

Redlining is the practice of racial and cultural discrimination in the real estate, financial services and mortgage lending industries. A recent report from the Institute on Metropolitan Opportunity finds that illegal housing and lending policies continue to plague Minnesota’s communities of color. What’s the solution? We face several choices without a single best answer. Join the conversation below and tell us what you think Minnesota’s leaders can do to reduce and eliminate redlining. From 8-9:30, Kevin Whelan of Home Defenders League and  SEIU research analyst Jordan Ash,…

The Equitable School System

Whether you call it the achievement gap, the opportunity gap, or the educational debt, what you have in mind is some form of educational equity. It’s an idea advocates and policymakers have been grappling with for years. For those who find the prevailing technocratic and market-based approach to reform problematic,…

Shortsighted Cuts Could Hurt Community Health Advancements

The Community Transformation Grant (CTG) program was initiated in 2011 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in an attempt to address health disparities, help control health care spending, and create a healthier future. To this end, federal funds from the Affordable Care Act were allocated to select…

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Michael Diedrich: and Sylvia O'Brien, Graduate Research Fellow :
More Dangerous, More Costly: An Analysis of Transportation Outsourcing