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High-and-Higher-Speed Rail on Track

A heated debate broke out this month over America's high-speed passenger rail dreams —between two icons of the so-called "lamestream liberal media."  First, the New York Times, in a news article written by my former Star Tribune colleague Ron Nixon, reported that despite nearly $11 billion in federal spending since 2009, "the projects have gone mostly nowhere." Nixon cited critics who say the Obama administration "made the mistake of parceling out the money to upgrade existing Amtrak service." This drew a quick rebuttal from Michael Grunwald in…

VIDEO: Building Transit for Better Equity

The plan to bring the Southwest Light Rail Project from Minneapolis to Eden Prairie has moved another step forward. The Minneapolis City Council voted 6-1 to approve the Minneapolis portion of the plan at a standing-room only public hearing this week.  Many feel the Southwest train line will be a…

Finding New Keys to Land Ownership, Careers in Farming

At a creative farm south of St. Paul near the town of Coates, two things about fruit, vegetable and horticultural growing are immediately clear. You cannot plant and raise perennial crops when renting land on a year-to-year lease. You cannot even think about having an orchard unless you own the…

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Growing Profits at Workers’ Expense