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High-and-Higher-Speed Rail on Track

A heated debate broke out this month over America's high-speed passenger rail dreams —between two icons of the so-called "lamestream liberal media."  First, the New York Times, in a news article written by my former Star Tribune colleague Ron Nixon, reported that despite nearly $11 billion in federal spending since 2009, "the projects have gone mostly nowhere." Nixon cited critics who say the Obama administration "made the mistake of parceling out the money to upgrade existing Amtrak service." This drew a quick rebuttal from Michael Grunwald in…

Money, People, and the Building of Dreams

On Monday morning, hundreds of people piled into an auditorium and a stuffed overflow room at the Humphrey School for Public Affairs. The reason was a presentation, run by former Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak, about the work of Generation Next, the massive collaboration of business, nonprofit, and public leaders aimed…

General Fund Revenue Remains Well Below 2000 Level

True to form, the anti-tax right continues to rail against the tax increases enacted by a progressive legislature and governor in 2013. However, real per capita state general fund revenue is significantly less than it was a decade ago, even after the 2013 tax hikes. In fact, the net increase…

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Growing Profits at Workers’ Expense