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Mary Treacy, Hindsight Community Fellow

Mary Treacy

Mary Treacy is a one-time librarian-turned-community-journalist. For many years she served as Director of Metronet, a library network linking libraries of all types in the Twin Cities region. After a stint as librarian at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi, UAE, she settled down to retirement in Minneapolis – or not. In short order she pursued her commitment to freedom of information as Executive Director of the Minnesota Coalition on Government Information.

Though she remains active in open government activities she has morphed into somewhat of a community journalist. She spends an inordinate number of hours writing – local history for the community newspaper, the Northeaster, a mix of articles for the Twin Cities Daily Planet, and a blog appropriately titled Poking Around with Mary – actually a potpourri of news and views on whatever piques her interest - local history, open government, library treasures, with an occasional “foment of the moment” rant as befits the state of affairs.